10 Movies Seniors Should NOT Watch (Part 1)

10 Movies Seniors Should NOT Watch (Part 1)

There is a wide range of movies that are always sure to please any audience, including seniors. However, this article features movies that are NOT recommended for seniors.

The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2When it comes to movies, people have various preferences. While many used to enjoy a nice romantic-comedy movie, today, people are gravitating more toward horror movies. Horror is, undoubtedly, one of the most enduringly popular film genres. Even if it is scary, ugly and gross, people would still consume this genre. Even when it reminds you of death and makes you fear for your own life, you’d still spend a Friday night watching a killer clown terrorizing a bunch of kids or flock to the theaters to see Ghostface stalking and killing people.

Lots of horror movies appeal to senior citizens. In fact, according to some older adults, watching people fight and struggle to survive in horror movies make them feel younger again. They say you can feel younger all over again when you watch the victims trying to escape or beat the crap out of the perpetrator. But, truth to be told, the horror in some movies can be so gruesome that it can leave seniors seriously traumatized or straight-up dead.

The Conjuring 2 is a 2016 American horror movie that features Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as Lorraine and Ed Warren. This supernatural thriller brings to the screen another real and frightening case from the files of the renowned demonologists. The story takes place in the London borough of Enfield and is based on the lives of the Hodgson family. Right after Janet, the second-oldest child of the family, plays with an Ouija board and unleashes a malevolent spirit in the house, the family starts witnessing paranormal events, leaving them terrorized and seeking the help of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Directed by James Wan, this movie is the sequel to the 2013’s The Conjuring and is the second installment in the Conjuring Universe.

Like other horror movies, there’s some bloody violence and intense scenes, but the main issue is how it is genuinely scary. There was the usual tension and palm-sweating scenes and Bill Wilkins, along with the “Crooked Man” gave us jump-shock moments, but the most terrifying of all was Valak.

I guess it was this horrifying character that took the life of a 65-year-old man from Tamil Nadu. Apparently, the movie was so scary that the elderly man collapsed and died before he could be taken to the hospital. Here’s the terrifying part: The man’s body had to be transferred to another hospital, but the driver just vanished with the body.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

This 2015 American erotic romantic movie centers on the life of a literature student Anastasia Steele as her life changes when she steps in for a sick roommate and comes across handsome billionaire Christian Grey during an interview. Adapted from a bestselling novel of the same name, this movie became a worldwide phenomenon. Over the course of its first four days, it raked in around $ 94 million in the US. Despite receiving several negative reviews and critics, the movie became an immediate box-office success. In fact, it is Universal’s highest-grossing “R” rated film of all time.

Given its genre, it is no big surprise that this movie appeals to both young and old people. However, a survey was carried out where the movie was shown to different seniors and their reactions were priceless. But, the end result is that the movie was deemed unworthy by the seniors. In fact, some strongly advise old adults against watching this movie as it can conflict with the strong value in which they believe. In fact, according to some seniors, this movie ruined the romantic genre and went against all principles of “falling in love.”











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