8 Strength & Balance Exercises For Seniors

After the age of 50, muscle mass decreases. Every year, you lose a little more strength. You become more prone to falls. Fortunately, you can do something about it. These exercises will help you strengthen your muscles and maintain better balance. What’s great is that you can even do these exercises in between certain things in your daily life. It takes little effort, and you should definitely make it a habit!

1) Stand On Your Toes

The first exercise of the day is done while changing clothes. If possible, put your feet side by side without socks or shoes. Balance yourself and then stand on your toes. Hold that position for a while, and then slowly lower yourself down. Repeat this five times. This exercise will give you strong legs and good balance.

2) Arm Stretch

This is a pleasant exercise when you want a cup of coffee or tea in the kitchen. Stand with both legs slightly open. Raise your left arm so that it is parallel to the floor. Extend your fingertips forward as if someone is pulling on them. Bend backward until you return to a standing position. Repeat this five times. Next, do the same with the right arm. This will help you practice your balance.

3) Leg Stretch

Watching TV in a comfortable armchair? You can also do some exercise. Stretch your left leg until it is entirely straight; hold for 10 seconds, then slowly lower your leg. Repeat this 10 times. Then do the same with your right leg. This exercise will give you strong legs and a strong stomach.

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4) Bend Your Legs

Are you reading a book or calling someone? Then do this exercise to get flexible legs. First, take off your shoes. You may keep your socks on. Bend your toes as vigorously as possible. The soles of your feet will dimple slightly. Hold for a few seconds and relax your toes again. Repeat this five times.

5) Walk Like a Tightrope Walker

While you are in the kitchen, do another balancing exercise. Hold the counter with one hand and place one foot exactly in front of the other. Repeat several times. Now walk like a tightrope walker. Walk back and forth along the counter three times.

6) Stand Up Empty-Handed

Tired of watching TV or reading a book? You can do this exercise to strengthen your legs when you get up from a chair. Stand up without using your hands. Stand up slightly, and then sit back down in your chair. Do this five times in a row. This exercise can be done every time you stand up. Preferably three times a day.

7) Flamingo

Flamingos look complicated, but they are not. Have you ever seen a flamingo standing up? They often stand on one leg. This exercise will do just that. It will improve your sense of balance and posture.

Perform this exercise near a table or kitchen counter. Stand on one leg and position the other like a flamingo. Place your hands on the counter or table for support. Then extend your legs forward in the air. Your back, head, and shoulders should be straight.

Hold this position for 10 seconds and relax for 5 seconds. Do each leg 5 times. This exercise will definitely improve your sense of balance.

8) Toothbrush Exercise

Toothbrush exercises are done while brushing your teeth. Grab the sink and keep your feet together. Make sure there is no gap between your feet and that your toes are touching. Then release the sink. Brush your teeth while holding this position for 10 seconds. This exercise can be repeated several times. It also improves leg strength.

Let us know if these few exercises have helped you in the comments below!

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