3 Tips To Ease Your Child’s Transition To Daycare

Choosing a daycare center for your children can be a real headache, and it’s especially difficult when you have too many choices. When selecting the perfect daycare, there are many things to consider, including the learning program, aesthetics, and amenities offered by each daycare.

As a parent, you need to look for a daycare that will help your child grow and become the best they can be. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog to learn more about how to choose the perfect daycare for your little one(s).

1. Visit it with them


To acclimate your kid to this new environment:

  1. Go there with them and choose a day where the daycare center allows you and your kids to visit it at the same time.
  2. Take your time there and play with some of the toys with them.
  3. Familiarize them with their new caregivers with whom they will interact daily once they start their journey there.

This will give them a sense of familiarity with their new space, and this will make the transition from home to the daycare easier. If the daycare allows it, try doing this a couple of times before sending them there alone. This is one way to make them less homesick and enjoy their new space.

2. Drop off


As a working parent myself, I know that mornings are a hellscape of their own, but making sure that you have time to drop your little munchkin at the daycare will be a way for them to spend more time with you and appreciate this daily routine. Creating a routine is key here, bringing about a sense of comfort.

The first week or so when you are dropping them off, make sure that you have 20 to 30minutes to spare as they will most likely cry because you are leaving them but trust me, once they’ve made friends at their new daycare, this won’t happen as often. This transition is important for both you and your children as you will also feel so sort of way living them alone for a long stretch of time.

3. Build your way to the final destination


Start by sending your child to the daycare twice a week and slowly start sending them more and more often. Don’t start by sending them to the daycare for a full week at the start, as this will make the transition period harsher and more difficult for all the parties involved.

By gradually building your way to sending them to the daycare 5 days a week, you are not overwhelming them by sending them there every day straight away. Unlike adults, children don’t acclimate to new spaces easier, and they take time to do this.

If you were on parental leave, make sure that your first day back to work isn’t the first day your child is going to daycare. Trust us on this one; this is not a winning combination and will ultimately blow up in your own face. Set yourself up for success and make sure that you do everything gradually.

Looking for help?


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