How to Choose the Right Nursing Home for Your Parents?

The decision to move into a nursing home depends on various factors.
During third age, a person may decide to live in an adapted structure because of a lack of family, physical or psychological problems, chronic or degenerative diseases, mobility impairments, or normal daily functioning. In other cases, the choice is made to satisfy the desire to live in a healthy, controlled, organized, and comfortable environment.

Which structure is chosen is usually determined by the client’s health status. When we talk about facilities for the elderly, we are talking about facilities for independent guests, a kind of residence with every conceivable comfort and basic health care provided.

Nursing Homes for the Elderly

Unlike retirement homes, nursing homes are more like actual residences. They are intended for independent guests, or at least those who are not seriously ill or cognitively impaired, and offer a luxurious alternative for a quiet third age.

Residence in a nursing home can be permanent or temporary. As such, the time spent within the structure may be limited or irregular.

Often the decision is made because the elderly need and want to continue an active and enjoyable social life. In fact, these centers offer many opportunities for socializing, making new friends and strengthening relationships with old friends.

Before making this choice, it is a good idea to research the structure, reception, support, and available services.

Structure and Services

In rest and care facilities for the elderly, accommodations are offered primarily in single or double-occupancy rooms and can be tailored to the guest’s preferences. We recommend that at least the following services be available in each room as one of the criteria for choosing an appropriate structure:

  • Bathroom in the room
  • Television
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Dotted bells

Furniture plays a vital role in choosing the structure. The place should be new, clean, and inviting. It should make guests feel as if they are at home, part of an active and friendly community. Everything from the furniture to the décor must be designed to create a comfortable environment and make the people who live there feel welcome and needed every day.

In addition to private rooms, nursing homes usually have one or more common areas for entertaining guests. They also provide the typical services of an accommodation.

  • Restaurant
  • Laundry
  • Barber
  • Medical/Paramedical Clinic

In the common areas, there are group activities that all guests can participate in, and guests have the right to participate actively or just watch.

Best Practices for Food Services in Senior Living

Variety of Programs

Another thing to consider before choosing a nursing home is to check out the types of programs the facility offers. It is best to rely on someone with years of experience in this field and who cares about their guests’ mental and physical well-being.

Various exercise programs should be proposed and learned for each guest, depending on his or her mobility abilities. In addition, you should always propose activities that consider the user’s clinical picture and stimulate his/her physical and psychological capacities. It is also necessary to have qualified staff available to respond to emergencies.

Rather than proposing drastic changes, a system that considers the guests’ lifestyle habits is preferable.

Finally, it is advisable to choose a nursing home with open-air spaces (gardens, parks, greenhouses, etc.) where guests can take walks and engage in all recreational and cultural activities (group or private) when the season and weather permitting.

Accredited Institutions and Permits

Last but not least, always choose an organization authorized to carry out social and health care activities, has all permits, and operates under an authorized structure. It is always possible to check for the presence of a nursing home in the regional or municipal list of capacities.

Finally, when an elderly person is admitted to a facility, he or she should undergo a complete evaluation by a physician/nurse. This is to ensure a detailed and accurate individualized plan of care. The nursing home must give them a service charter, a document that contains all information, including a detailed specification of what is expected, the services to be provided, and the fees.

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