How to Swaddle Baby

How to Swaddle Baby

How to Swaddle Baby


Focus on the benefits of swaddling

Step 1: Swaddling: the instructions to follow

Step 2: Choose a swaddling cloth that is suitable for swaddling

Step 3: Techniques for swaddling a baby

In Europe, swaddling was a common practice for a long time. Abandoned in the 1960s in favor of the sleeping bag, swaddling has come back into vogue in recent years because it makes some babies feel more secure, helps them sleep better and longer, and relieves anxiety and colic.

This post explains how to swaddle a baby.

Focus on the benefits of swaddling

In late pregnancy, a baby is tightly contained in the small space of the womb. After birth, he or she may feel disoriented and lost when leaving this confined space. Swaddling can help reassure and soothe them.

Blocking the Moro reflex and providing quality sleep

While sleeping, newborns sometimes have a reflex to pull their arms away from their body (Moro reflex), which usually results in them waking up.

Swaddling often gives the baby a more peaceful and longer sleep by reassuring the baby and blocking the Moro reflex.

Relieving nighttime anxiety and colic in infants

Swaddling can sometimes help reduce nighttime anxiety and relieve colic by providing warmth and gentle pressure on the baby’s tummy.

Good to know: not all swaddled babies react the same way. Many are genuinely soothed, but others don’t seem to like having their freedom restricted. In this case, don’t insist.

1. Swaddling: what to do

You can swaddle your baby from birth to 3 months of age. After that, swaddling is not recommended; it is better to let your child wriggle freely.

Contrary to what was practiced in the past, it is not a question of swaddling your baby 24 hours a day. It’s essential that your baby also experiences freedom of movement for long periods.

Swaddle him:

  • for the night;
  • possibly in the evening, at the critical time of anxiety, colic, and inconsolable crying;
  • possibly for one or two naps during the day.

2. Choose a swaddling cloth that is suitable for swaddling

Use an ordinary cloth or blanket

A soft cotton square (such as a changing cloth), about 100×100 cm, is perfect for swaddling your baby. In winter, you can use a thin blanket instead.

Opt for a special swaddling blanket

Various baby care products offer special blankets that can make swaddling easier and provide a few refinements, such as inner pockets to hold your baby’s arms.

Attention: under the blanket, dress your baby according to the room’s temperature. If the temperature is above 25°, place your baby in the blanket just in a diaper or diaper and short-sleeved bodysuit.

3. Techniques for swaddling a baby

If you have chosen a special swaddling blanket, simply follow the illustrated instructions provided with the blanket.

The steps are not very complicated if you have chosen a regular swaddle. Lay your diaper cloth flat on diagonal and fold the head end inward.

Place your baby on the diaper, shoulders level with the fold, with your left arm at your side.

Grasp the tip of the diaper on the left arm and fold it so that your baby is wrapped tightly in it.

Position your baby’s right arm at the side of the body.

Take the tip of the diaper on the feet side and fold it behind the shoulder: be careful not to tighten it too much. It is extremely important to leave some mobility in the legs and hips.

Take the tip of the diaper on the right arm side and fold it down so that your baby is wrapped tightly in it.

Variation: you can leave the legs unswaddled without folding the tip on the feet side.

We have now reached the end of this post. Remember to share your experience in the comments below. You can read more here: When and How to Swaddle Your Baby

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