Top Home Help Services for Seniors

Home help for the elderly is a phenomenon that continues to grow. It allows assisting people who are losing their autonomy to help them perform the tasks of everyday life. Despite this, home help services are not well known. What are the different home help services for the elderly?

Assistance and Support Services

To offer comfort, conviviality, well-being and security to the elderly, it is essential to solicit home help services. Indeed, the benefits of assistance and accompaniment constitute private or public organizations able to bring care to older adults. They intervene as service providers in actions that are related to the acts of life or support.

In addition, it should be noted that these services also act in preserving or restoring autonomy and developing social activities in connection with the entourage. This is because the elderly have difficulty moving around or performing certain acts of daily life. Therefore, these social life assistants can go to the home to provide adequate senior services such as preparing and eating meals with the family or accompanying the elderly in their shopping. In addition, they ensure the hygiene of the older person by accompanying him/her to the bathroom.

Home Nursing Services

These are medical social services that can take care of older people with chronic pathologies or certain types of illnesses. These seniors will receive the same care as those in a retirement home to help them cope with the stress of old age. They provide them with technical nursing care as well as nursing care.

Through this care, these services prevent the loss of autonomy. They also limit incapacity and isolation while helping to limit or delay admission to social and medico-social institutions. However, it should be noted that not only do they provide care services, but they are also able to coordinate them.

As far as care services are concerned, home nursing services can provide nursing care in the form of technical and basic care on a doctor’s prescription. As for the coordination of care, these services carry out a coordination task allowing a coordinating doctor to coordinate the service’s interventions in the care and with the sector’s actors.

Multi-Purpose Home Care and Assistance Services

These services are a new form of assistance service for frail people. They can provide both support in the acts of daily life and care for people. This form of assistance, therefore, offers mixed services. It makes information available to the persons accompanied by establishing a single window and a single interlocutor.

The people accompanying also benefit from the support that leads to elaborating an individualized assistance project. In addition, the multi-purpose home care and assistance services are involved in preventive actions that can be financed. They help the elderly with their travel needs, such as going to the hairdresser’s, lunching with friends, etc.

With their services, the usual movements of the elderly are no longer an obstacle, including the provision of primary care, the administrative steps to fill out the tax return, or any other mandatory actions.

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