Valuable Pieces of Advice From Seniors (Part 1)

Valuable Pieces of Advice From Seniors (Part 1)

Like all grandparents, I’m sure yours too must have been a fountain of wisdom and an endless source of unconditional love. They represent the brightest moments of your childhood.

But, I can bet, more than pampering you with lots of toys and love, they must have taught you lessons and told you stories that you’d want to keep for the rest of your life.

Let’s discover some of them.

#1. Don’t Choose a Job You Hate

Don’t Choose a Job You Hate

There’s no denying that job has become a crucial part of our everyday life. Most of the time you spent is at your workplace, with your colleagues.

But, at the end of the day, when you are bored and frustrated with the usual work routine, you end up asking a question that most of us wonder about at a certain point in life.

Am I passionate about my work? DO I love what I do?

I’m sure all of us have heard the famous quote, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

If you go back to your childhood days, you’d remember your first dream job.

While some wanted to become a teacher, others yearned for a doctor’s coat.

But, in the end, most of us make that wrong choice and think only about salary, location and other work benefits.

If you didn’t fall for that fat salary, maybe you could have enjoyed what you do.

But, it’s not the end of the world. Yet.

You can still revisit your passions and find the job you love.

Here are some tips from seniors to help you turn your passion into a successful career:

  • Remember what you used to love as a child
  • Remove money from the equation
  • For feedback, rely on your friends
  • Think of what you enjoy doing the most and also what you are very good at
  • Communicate with a career counselor
  • And, finally, just go for it!

#2. Choose Your Life Partner With Extreme Caution

Choose Your Life Partner With Extreme Caution

When you are still at the stage of boyfriend/girlfriend, there are two possibilities: the relationship can either flourish into a lifetime one or can end up with a breakup. If it’s the latter, you still have a chance to move on and to settle down with someone else.

However, once you enter the world of the married, there is no coming back. It’s a lifetime commitment that can only end up with bitter divorces or soul-destroying separations.

One thing you’ll often notice is how a lot of individuals jump into relationships with a sudden feeling of strong attraction, only to be left confused, heartbroken and completely devastated.

According to seniors, “amazing chemistry” or “hot flames” (give it whatever name you want) is not enough to rush into important decisions like marriage.

Remember that relationships based on shallow foundations are only the start of a twisted and greedy bond and not a strong relationship filled with love.

#3. Consider Bad Times as Bad Weather

Consider Bad Times as Bad Weather

Most people who are over sixty think that bad times are important moments in life that every human being needs.

It does not become your weakness, but instead, it encourages you to become stronger when you are considerably weak.

People actually grow through bad times. 

To experience success in life, you need to taste failures a few times.

Every time you are hit by big storms that seem like they will be snowing you under, it will change and get even better — who knows, even the sun might come out.

#4. Draw Inspiration From All the People You Meet

Draw Inspiration From All the People You Meet

I think we are all modern nomads that move occasionally or frequently move from town to town, village to city and country to country.

But, no matter where you go, you’d always encounter new people.

I get that in this modern era, strangers cannot be trusted. But, if you feel like you can actually trust somebody, making friends and sharing passion will only help you create new bonds.

We are simply passengers on this planet. We come and go alone. But, as long as you are on earth, why don’t you try to make as many connections as possible?

There’s nothing more beautiful than a piece of golden advice from someone who’s been through most of the ups and downs of life. Agree with me?



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