Assisted Living: A Growing Market

Assisted Living are in full expansion nowadays. This is due to the evolution of the lifestyle, but especially because of the demands and needs of the population. Are you interested in this sector? You are right; in this article, we will give you what you need to know about personal services, a sector that is experiencing great progress.

What is Assisted Living?


The Assisted Living sector is divided into 3 main activities: services for the elderly or handicapped (assistance to the elderly and disabled people…), then daily services (housework, do-it-yourself, gardening, grocery delivery…), and finally family services (home lessons, childcare, child support…).

The personal services include various services performed at home and which contribute to the well-being of everyone. They will allow to balance family life and professional life. They will also enable people in difficulty to benefit from assistance in daily life.

Some personal services are subject to approval: care and support of a child under 3 years old, assistance to disabled people, help with mobility and transportation of a person with reduced mobility…

Other services do not require approval: small gardening and do-it-yourself jobs, child care at home for children over 3 years old, housekeeping and housework, home lessons, home shopping delivery…

To be able to benefit from tax and social security advantages, personal services companies must make a declaration of activity, which requires them to respect certain rules.

How to set up a personal services company?


In order to create a Assisted Living company, you will have to go through a few steps: in order to benefit from social and tax advantages, you will have to register your activity with the regional directorate of companies, consumption, competition, work, and employment in the place where your company is located.

You will then have to study the environment in which you operate (market study, competition, marketing strategy, and sales strategy) and draw up a business plan (evaluate the necessary budget, equipment, and human resources required).

Your company must have a legal status. You must also obtain an approval that will allow your company to carry out certain activities. Do not forget to obtain a certification; it will allow you to automatically renew your authorization.

And finally, you must have a logo, which will allow you to identify your Assisted Living company (this logo must be displayed on your commercial documents.

How to be successful in this kind of sector?


To be successful in the personal services sector, you must be well equipped on all levels: a working capital representing at least 3 months of the turnover, a company car, and equipment that simplifies life…

Key elements must be taken into account in order to make your business profitable:

    • Knowing the expectations of your clients in order to offer services of impeccable quality.
    • Having a very good sense of adaptation in the face of circumstances.
    • Knowing how to observe competitors in order to improve the defects of your own services.
    • Being able to develop other services in order to reach more clients.

Final thoughts


For any business to prosper, you need to have a good customer service and an impeccable marketing strategy. Now more than ever, it has never been easy to brand your company with social media. With a couple of clicks, you can create social media pages for your company, and you can start advertising your services.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; this will be the same for your business, you won’t be launched in the stratosphere on day one, but you will reach there. If you want to launch yourself in this specific project, don’t forget that you will be working with human beings, and thus you need to bring a human touch to your service. Hiring the right employees is an excellent place to start.

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