Classic Christmas Movies for Seniors

Classic Christmas Movies for Seniors

Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of year, one where you want to fill your heart up with good cheer. And, naturally, there have been many classic movies set at Christmas that you can put on and get into that holiday spirit.

Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone (1990)Home Alone, featuring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and John Heard, is a Christmas classic thanks to the many life lessons it teaches us throughout the entire film.

Directed by Chris Columbus, this 1990 Christmas comedy movie tells the story of Kevin McCallister, an eight-year-old troublemaker who is sick of being picked on by his annoying older brother Buzz and always being seen as a pain in the a** by his extended family. However, after being blamed for a mess that wasn’t entirely his fault, the little guy wishes that his family would all just disappear. And, after the most implausible of coincidences, Kevin indeed finds himself alone in the house, with no family.

Unlike other kids, the bratty Kevin doesn’t panic but instantly becomes the man of the house and starts having lots of fun. He jumps on his parents’ bed, he watches Angels with Filthy Souls, a movie his uncle forbids him from watching, he orders a large cheese pizza, he gets into Buzz’s belongings and uses his “life savings” and he uses his father’s grooming products –and we all love that aftershave-screaming scene.

However, there comes a time when Kevin finally learns that being alone with no family is awful. He thus starts missing his family, including Buzz!

Another key element that made this movie a legendary classic is the way Kevin protected and defended his house against the Wet Bandits.

The premise of this movie is how a little boy has to deal with the burglars himself. And, trust me, this is a great film that pretty much captures everything you would want from a Christmas Movie.

Customer Reviews:

“What can I say about this film that hasn’t been said already. One of the most renowned Christmas movies of all-time, “Home Alone” is the quintessential film that blends a great deal of family fun with an engaging story, memorable characters, and touching moments.” –From E

Home Alone 3 (1997)

Home Alone 3 (1997)Most people consider part 3 as the worst movie of the series. According to some, the movie consisted of a completely implausible plot where the four terrorists/spies are suddenly reduced to bumbling imbeciles when they deal with a 4th grade boy. I’ve watched all Home Alone movies and while I can agree with you that the first and second movies were the best, I don’t think the third movie sucked as everyone claims.

Honestly, compared to parts 4 and 5, for example, I think part 3 had a much more interesting storyline and the smugglers were very impressive. It didn’t feel like they were literally walking into the traps and standing there just because the director told them to; the actions of the part 3 villains were so much more believable and made so much more sense than the other villains. The kid works through proper channel, calls the police, tells his parents, and then when he sees no one is going to help him, he takes the matter into his owns hands and defeats the spy villains and saves his country from missile attacks from Korea by returning the chip which would have made their missiles undetectable to US radars. Now that, for me, is super impressive!

Customer Reviews:

“Home Alone 3 is a marvelous film. A extraordinary come back in the Home Alone series. John Hughes and Raja Gosnell created this one incredibly. Those who love the classic Home Alone films would fall in love with this one. A remarkable cast. Alex D. Linz owned every scene he did a outstanding job bringing his character and the motion picture to the top. This one is an enjoyable feature film for the entire family, a must watch.” –From Chris McKnightio




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