Debunking Popular Myths about Daycare

Most married couples these days plan their kids, and because we live in an increasingly global world, most of the time, both partners work full time, and daycares are absolute lifesavers for them. It allows both parents to have a full-time job and be a parent at the same time, no longer are the days when one person had to make a concession (let’s be honest, it was usually the woman who had to bite the bullet) to be able to raise their children. I was a child of the 90s, and both my parents worked full-time jobs and I was one of those kids who went to daycare every day and my mom would usually pick me up after work and I grew up perfectly fine. There is a lot of myths about daycare out there and we need to debunk them because they are really functional spaces for working parents with young children.

#Myth 1- Daycares only provide unhealthy food

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Nowadays, this is entirely unfounded; most daycares will ask you beforehand if your child has any allergies and dietary restrictions and ask if your child has a preferred meal plan if they provide food as part of their program. So, they will give your child the food you vetted, and if you feel that it is too unhealthy, you can always take it up with the administrators and make any necessary changes. However, some days care, because they don’t want to land in any hot waters, tell parents to pack lunches for their kids themselves so that they eat whatever you give them. So, the issue lies with you if you think that the daycare your child is in provides unhealthy food, one quick fix would be to provide them with their homemade lunches.

#Myth 2- Daycare is too expensive


Cost is a concern for everyone, but now with the pandemic and being stuck on and off at home for almost 2 years, I can guarantee you, you won’t be too nosy when daycares tell you their price. Taking care of children takes a lot of time, patience, and effort, and this is why daycares may be seen as an unnecessary expense, but if both your partner and you are working, it becomes a necessity. Your children won’t only be looked after at a daycare; they will also learn from their teacher and be more aware of social settings because they will be among their peers and have a head start at school. It teaches them independence, and they won’t throw a fit to start school like most children because they are used to such environments.

#Myth 3- Daycare creates an unhealthy distance between parents and children


This is completely unfounded and not backed off by studies; the main reason for a rift between parents and their children is the lack of effort the parents themselves put in. Parents need to stop blaming everyone for their shortcomings; at some point, they need to take the L and admit that they are at fault too. Once the child is home, the parents need to ensure that they are spending quality tie with them and do their best to maintain a loving and healthy relationship with their kids. On weekends parents should also spend time with their kids and do activities together to keep a healthy bond and maintain a level of emotional attachment. So, no, daycares don’t create a rift between children and their parents.

#Myth 4- Daycare don’t give children a head start in school

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Sorry to burst your bubble. This is entirely untrue, and according to most studies, this has been proven to be false time and again. Children are allowed to explore and learn new things in pre-school and this makes them more inquisitive. Daycare teachers also tend to teach them basic maths, help them develop their writing skills at a young age, learn the alphabet, and even how to count. All these are already giving them a head start as not every child that starts school is taught the basics. This means that everything your children learnt in daycare will only be developed and pushed further once they join the school system.

Remember, the internet is full of clickbait, and not everything you read or see on there is true; you need to use your critical skills to discern the truth from the fake. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to read more about the myths surrounding daycare.

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