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What Is Home Care For Elderly


 – Home support for the elderly: why?

 – Means of home support

 – Assistance for home care for the elderly

 – Home support for the elderly: what are the prices?

Home care aims to allow dependent and elderly people to live at home while preserving their landmarks and memories of life. 

 Home care for the elderly, like home care for the disabled or home hospitalization, allows a dependent and elderly person to continue to live at home in peace.

 Home care for the elderly: what is the purpose?

Home Care For Elderly

 As they age, many older adults have difficulty performing everyday tasks and are in a situation of dependence. They have difficulties or incapacity to:

 – perform the tasks of daily life (washing, feeding);

 – perform basic actions (getting up, moving around)

 – communicate (speaking, hearing).

 Home care allows our seniors to continue to live as before while remaining free in their homes without changing their habits.

 Their home takes an essential place in their heart and daily lives; that’s why means have been put in place to maintain our seniors at home.

 Means of home maintenance

 Several means are put in place to maintain the elderly at home:

 Human resources

 Qualified professionals accompany the elderly person in the most important acts of life to help them remain independent as long as possible in their home.

 – The housekeeper carries out the maintenance and hygiene of the place of residence.

 – The home help accompanies the older person in the household and creates a strong relationship with the person to break his isolation.

 – The home care worker provides special surveillance after a hospital discharge or following an acute illness.

 The equipment

 – Seniors can equip their homes with home care equipment to maintain their autonomy as long as possible. Depending on the case, the elderly person may need a bathtub with a door, a stairlift, an electric scooter, etc.

 – In case of severe illness or after a hospitalization, it is also possible to use home hospitalization equipment.

 Technological means

 Thanks to new technologies, a teleassistance device allows an elderly person to:

 – warn in case of problem (fall, malaise) or

 – to locate the person if he/she is outside the home.

 Assistance for the elderly to stay at home

 Elderly people can benefit from different types of assistance:

 – the home care service is paid for by the old-age insurance fund;

 – the home maintenance tax credit can be used:

 ◦ to facilitate the adaptation of the elderly person’s home or the replacement of equipment;

 ◦ for the employment of a home-based employee ;

 Home support for the elderly: what are the prices?

 The prices vary depending on whether it is human or technological means.

 Human means

 Human resources: housekeepers, home helpers, and caretakers:

 – Prices vary according to the region and the hours worked (day or night, weekend, holidays).

 – Count on approximately $25/hour for normal hours. 

 Technological means

 Technological means: home maintenance equipment and home hospitalization equipment. The price varies considerably from one provider to another and according to the type of equipment:

 – In rental:

 ◦ between $25 and $30 per month for a wheelchair,

 ◦ $8 per month for a walker.

 – For purchase: prices range from $50 for a cane to between $900 and $6,000 for a wheelchair.

 Remote assistance equipment is usually rented, and prices vary depending on the provider and the chosen module:

 – home teleassistance: about $50/month;

 – mobile teleassistance: between $70 and $100/month;

 – medical teleassistance: between $50 and $70/month.

 You must add the set-up fee: $50 to $90—geolocation devices (tracker, beacon) between $250 and $400.

 The human and technological means can be cumulated.

 Rates can quickly become very high, depending on the loss of autonomy of the older person.

 Note: Aids and subsidies are available to lighten the financial burden of home care.

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