How to Choose Your Baby Shampoo

How to Choose Your Baby Shampoo

How to Choose Your Baby Shampoo


 – Baby shampoo: composition

 – Criteria for choosing a baby shampoo

 – Baby shampoo: what price?

Taking care of your little one’s hair using a perfectly adapted baby shampoo is an important part of baby hygiene. The range of products on the market is so vast that making a choice becomes complicated.

So, it is essential to check their composition and to know which baby shampoo to choose according to the type of hair of your little one. After reading this article, you will therefore be able to select your baby shampoo.

 Baby shampoo: composition

 The hygiene of your baby requires products perfectly adapted and which were conceived to preserve its health:

 – A shampoo for babies must allow for cleaning toddlers’ hair without attacking their scalp.

 – It must be easy to use every day. Its composition is, therefore, a little different from that of an adult shampoo.

 – We expect a baby shampoo to be gentle and not sting the eyes. It is also essential that the shampoo for your baby does not contain parabens, glycol ethers, preservatives, or soap.

 – Finally, a baby shampoo must have a neutral hydrogen potential (pH).

 Good to know: beware of preservatives whose name will certainly not tell you anything, such as ethoxydiglycol or phenoxyethanol, which are more commonly found in shampoos for adults. Stay alert because labeling wipes containing phenoxyethanol must indicate that they should not be used on children under 3 years old. Still, styling products are not affected by this decision. 

 Choose a baby shampoo that contains:

 – Natural active ingredients of plant origin (almond, coconut, avocado, apricot, etc.).

 – Mild surfactants to limit the risk of drying out the scalp while gently cleaning the hair and scalp. They make it possible to clean without attacking. This is the case, for example, with chamomile extract, which has soothing properties and is very present in shampoos for babies and young children.

 Check the list of ingredients in a baby shampoo carefully. It must be relatively short because the more ingredients there are, the greater the risk of allergies. Today, the major brands offer certified baby hair and body shampoos that considerably limit the risks of allergies and irritation.

 Good to know: baby shampoo must preserve the cellular richness of your little one’s skin, moisturize, and protect the skin barrier.

 Criteria for choosing a baby shampoo

How to Choose Your Baby Shampoo

 Your little one’s hair is fine, and his scalp is delicate. It is thus fundamental to be intransigent on the criteria of choice of shampoo for baby, this last must:

 – be usable as of the birth;

 – have a soft washing base;

 – be enriched with softening agents;

 – allow detangling of curly hair;

 – avoid the formation of knots;

 – be suitable for all hair types, whether your baby or young child has dry or oily hair;

 – be non-irritating to the skin, scalp, or eyes.

 – be hypoallergenic;

 – be tested under dermatological/pediatric and medical control;

 – be easy to rinse.

 In short, baby shampoo should be safe for your child.

 Good to know: the ideal is to opt for organic baby shampoo, a label that guarantees a product without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, silicones, chemical perfumes, or glycol ethers. It is also manufactured without Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

 Please note: advertising claims for cosmetic products must comply with a well-defined regulation: a cosmetic product can only be qualified as “natural” or “of natural origin” if its natural content or natural origin is greater than or equal to 95%.

Baby shampoo: what prices?

You can buy your baby shampoo in pharmacies, organic stores, and websites specializing in natural products for toddlers.

Some supermarkets offer hygiene products for babies and children based on natural products:

    – Baby cleansing gel body and hair, the bottle of 500 ml is between $5 and 12 $.

    – Infant shampoo, 150 ml bottle: between $6 and $9.

    – Peach detangling shampoo for young children, 200 ml bottle: from $3.

    – Baby shampoo, hair, and body care, with natural oat extract, 350 ml bottle: between $17 and $20.

Good to know: don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist for information on the best baby shampoo for your little one’s needs. Some professionals can offer you samples to test.


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