Top 5 Tips For Making A Retirement Home More Personal

The transition to a retirement residence can be difficult for some people, but there are many ways to make this step easier, smoother, and even more enjoyable. Before moving, there are several factors to consider when looking for a residence that will offer the best amenities to meet a person’s specific needs.

However, once the location is chosen, you need to think about how to make the transition smooth but also in a way that the senior will look forward to the move. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn how to make a retirement home more personal.

1. Decoration is key


As you prepare the boxes to set up in a new room, remember to bring plenty of framed photos as well as meaningful knickknacks and keepsakes that will make your mom or dad feel truly at home. This can include blankets they feel comfortable sleeping in, movies, books or records they enjoy, and furniture they care about.

Also, find out, for example, which retirement or nursing home has the best recliner or antique rocking chair. When decorating a senior’s room, be sure to ask for their input when choosing a paint color or to purchase new items.

Help seniors feel as involved as possible, as they are the ones who will be living in the retirement community. Also, make sure that any items that have sentimental value to them are given to a relative or close friend but cannot be brought in.

2. Community Involvement

It’s important to encourage your loved ones to get involved in their new retirement community to make friends. Retirement homes offer many social activities for residents, including game nights, supervised field trips, and themed activities.

To make a new living environment more like home, it’s essential to maximize the comfort your parents feel in their new surroundings. By making new friends and not spending all of their free time alone in their rooms, seniors can ensure their happiness and foster a comforting environment.

3. Stay in touch with staff


You should invest in the best possible care for your loved one, including friendly staff who will communicate with you about your parents and their changing needs. Choosing a residence that offers a range of care services means that seniors will not only be cared for.

But their children will also receive updates on their living situation and how they are doing socially and health-wise. Caregivers aim to create environments that best suit the needs of seniors, so be sure to keep in touch with them about your parents.

4. Find an activity

Encourage your loved ones to choose a hobby or get involved in a new activity within their residence. Residences offer services for seniors to increase their participation in recreational activities such as community yoga, swimming lessons, or hobby clubs.

Deciding to be active and therefore having something to occupy one’s days can make a senior feel more involved in their new living environment and greatly ease the transition. Retirement homes offer many opportunities to get seniors involved, so be sure to consult with staff when trying to help your loved one choose a new activity.

5. Remember to visit them often


When your loved one lives in semi-autonomous housing, it’s essential to visit them as often as possible to provide the familiarity they’re used to. Whether to a new home or a retirement community, moving can be difficult.

By visiting often, you can make sure your parents are adjusting well. Seniors moving can have a very emotional time, so be sure to visit often and remind them how much you appreciate and love them.

Make time to visit them to make them feel loved and appreciated. If you don’t have time or aren’t in the same state or country, you can facetime with them and talk to them for at least an hour per week. It is a way to feel like they are still connected with their loved ones.

Final thoughts

Older adults can face stressful and even traumatic situations. They experience a series of losses as they age: loss of their role as a responsible parent or active employee, loss of loved ones, loss of autonomy… They strive to maintain control over their lives and environment, but this is not always easy.

The situations in which you will have to reassure an elderly person are diverse. Mental confusion related to a hospitalization or dementia is among those moments when you will feel the need to support your loved one.

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