Valuable Pieces of Advice From Seniors (Part 3)

Valuable Pieces of Advice From Seniors (Part 3)

As we age, we start to learn that elders’ biggest takeaways have proved to be very useful as we live through several stages of life.

And, so today we shall learn more about these practical tips from seniors.

#1. Avoid Debt

Avoid Debt

I know you must have probably heard about avoiding debts several times.

But, your assertion is that it’s practically impossible to in this modern capitalist economic society.

The argument placed by some is that debt does not necessarily represent something bad. If you take a country, for example, debt represents much wealth and stands at a crucial point for the economy’s development.

But, for once, forget about the country and think about individuals with no super wealth who struggle to make ends meet. For these people, a story of debt means a horrible nightmare.

I get that you want a brand new shining car or you want to see your kids playing in a luxurious house, but ask yourself if these pricey stuffs are worth all those late nights you spend crying in your bedroom or shower so no one hears your anguish when unexpected bills start coming in.

I don’t have any personal stories or numbers to share, but I can understand when something stresses you beyond belief.

To quote a very wise man, “debt is like any other trap, easy enough to get into, but really hard to get out of.”

#2. Find Romance in the Small Stuff

Find Romance in the Small Stuff

I’ve been in a committed relationship now for about one year and if you didn’t know us, I’m pretty darn sure you would have guessed we were not a particularly romantic couple.

Thing is, we rarely go on date nights, we never planned secret vacations and I don’t remember the last time he bought me flowers or I bought him some extravagant gifts.

You see, our everyday life doesn’t really shout torrid romance, but still we consider ourselves as hopeless romantics. I love my inamorato as much as he loves me and we don’t need to shower each other with luxurious gifts or wait for Valentine’s Day to express our feelings to each other.

In the last few months, I’ve come to realize that indeed elders are right: romance is all about those tiny, quiet moments where you want to scream how much you love someone.

Now, of course, it depends on your definition of “romance.”

It might be your habit to impress your other half with big, showy signs of romance.

But, if you really want to surprise them, ditch the grand gestures and hold their hands, look into their eyes and say those three magical words (trust me, it’ll feel even more magical than a weekend in Paris).

#3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

A few months ago, I was feeling very low. I was scrolling through my friends’ photos and posts on social media and looking at their accomplishments, I started pitying myself and regretting my life choices.

You see, it’s not always about making the right choices. Sometimes, it also comes down to your destiny. I mean, I doubt you’ll be given a big responsibility if you can’t handle a small one.

Instead of envying others or comparing yourself with them, why don’t you just be grateful for what you have? The person you are envying may have a successful career but lacks the most important thing of life that you have: a family.

#4. Always Be Thankful for What You Have

Always Be Thankful for What You Have

If we had to count the number of times we have whined about our own lives, well, I don’t know what comes after trillion.

You see, the point of elders here is that nothing positive comes from constant murmuring and complaining. In fact, some claim that you invite negative vibes.

The best way to enjoy life is to be thankful for where you were and where you have reached.

How about sharing a piece of advice you received from a senior?





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