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What Kind of Animation Is There in a Retirement Home

What Kind of Animation Is There in a Retirement Home


– Animation in a retirement home: what role?

– What kind of activities are in a retirement home?

– Entertainment in retirement homes: adapted physical activities (APA)

– Music in a retirement home

– Activities during the vacations

– Activities in a retirement home: additional activities

Activities in a retirement home are moments of pleasure to share with an elderly person who has just left his home, which he particularly likes, to go to a retirement home, his new home. Entertainment in retirement homes thus plays a decisive role in getting through this stage and successfully integrating him into his new environment. Let’s see closer below.

Animation in a retirement home: what role?

Entertainment in a retirement home is essential in the older person’s daily life, as it maintains their physical and moral well-being.

The stay must be as pleasant as possible. For this reason, activities and entertainment are authentic moments of exchange and sharing.

What kind of activities are in a retirement home?

Activities and entertainment vary depending on the establishment. They are therefore left to the discretion of each facility.

Therefore, it is important to find out what activities are offered, how often they are offered, the quality of the activities and the prices, and whether they are included in the accommodation price.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are vital moments to celebrate. The same goes for birthdays. You can even invite your friends and relatives.

Therefore, the staff members will take special care to entertain the residents intellectually and help them discover and learn new things.

The activities will allow the new residents to integrate and make new friends break the isolation. They can be cultural, playful, or manual, such as

– board games;

– artistic activities

– therapeutic activities to promote physical development

– various workshops;

– outdoor activities: outings in town, meetings with children, theatrical outings, etc.

Note: There is usually a reading room, a library, and a TV/DVD area in retirement homes.

Activities in retirement homes: adapted physical activities (APA)

Retirement Home

Older adults must remain active as long as possible to maintain a good state of health. Physical activities adapted to seniors are therefore proposed. They are systematically adapted to the degree of autonomy of the resident and are provided by qualified and certified facilitators.

Therefore, these activities are regulated and aimed at a so-called vulnerable public. Consequently, they are carried out with several instruments such as medical balls, dumbbells, hoops…

Gentle gymnastics, yoga, walking, and aquatic activities can also be offered.

Music in a retirement home

It is said that music softens the mood… and it also brings excellent well-being to the residents. The animations program can be dedicated to musical activities and dances.

Entertainment during the vacations

When summer arrives, and the sun is shining, some retirement homes offer outdoor activities, such as

– outings;

– picnics;

– visits to monuments or exhibitions;

– possibly “special senior” tourist trips.

This is a great way to spend a vacation with residents and friends!

Activities in retirement homes: additional activities

In retirement homes such as service residences or retirement villages, you can have access to these activities

– hairdressing salon, beauty salon;

– pedicure/manicure care

– space dedicated to worship;

– indoor or outdoor swimming pool, and balneotherapy.

Be careful, however, as all this has a high cost…

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