Valuable Pieces of Advice from Seniors (Part 4)

Valuable Pieces of Advice from Seniors (Part 4)

Growing up, we’ve always learned to trust elders to give us the best advice – whether it’s about choosing your life partner or living a healthy and happy life.

So, today we’ve brought you some very helpful tips from the wisest beings of this world.

#1. Forgiving and Letting Go of Any Grudges

Forgiving and Letting Go of Any Grudges

 If not often, at least once in your life, I’m sure you must have been hurt by someone you care a lot, right?

Either by a parent constantly criticizing you and taking the side of your sibling or your partner cheating on you.

It’s normal that such experience will leave you holding on to anger, resentment and vile thoughts of revenge. And, sometimes these wounds – words or actions – will continue to dwell on your mind for a very, very long time.

Now, you tell me. What’s the use of holding on to feelings of anger and bitterness when they are only going to hurt you more?

I agree it’s not easy to forgive and let go of your hurt and anger. But, if you want your inner peace back and move on in your life, forgetting and forgiving are the ultimate solution.

#2. Don’t Have Regrets

Don’t Have Regrets

Regrets. We all have them and we all struggle with them. Some once in a while and some everyday.

You see, having regrets is to be human to me. It’s an unavoidable trademark.

However, in some cases and with some people, regret can often be very overwhelming and lead to panic attacks. Recent studies proved how regrets could eventually damage both the mental and physical health of a person.

I guess this is why most love experts always recommend confessing your feelings and boldly face the rejection rather than constantly imagining how life would be if you’d dared to take that one step (I’m talking when you are in your fifties and still single).

We’ve all screwed up at one point in our lives, but living a life full of “ifs” will only bring double jeopardy.

#3. Practice Patience

Practice Patience

Countless studies revealed a surprising connection between patience and well-being.

Yes, indeed patience is a virtue that’s associated with your level of happiness. Being more patient means you’ll be more empathetic, feel greater gratitude and therefore will have lower stress levels.

There’s a reason why many say patience is the reason behind work success or why a dancer needs to wait for their injuries to heal before going on stage.

Patience is the key to a happier and healthier lifestyle. And, if you don’t want to get on the bad side of life, cherish all the opportunities of practicing patience.

#4. Set Rules About Lying

Set Rules About Lying

Lying is not about cheating on your partner. It can be just one sentence. Or, just one word. One word which diminishes the trust between you and someone you love.

No matter what the reason is, we’ve all resorted to lying. It’s the easiest escape route when you are faced with an over-protective parent, a jealous partner or an angry friend. You might have protected your privacy or avoided any embarrassment, but what about the person you’ve lied to.

It’s easy to lie but more difficult to confess the truth.

If you really care or love someone, you should never resort to lying. Instead, learn to be more responsible, mature and to face the consequences.

#5. Ban Bad-Mouthing

Ban Bad-Mouthing

Once you’ve started gossiping about someone – be it their way of dressing, their hairstyle or their status on social media – you will give birth to unnecessary hatred.

Hatred is born out of those mean and nasty little remarks you constantly make on a co-worker, an old classmate or your siblings.

The best way to get rid of this habit is to focus more on the positive traits of people.




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