How Can a Telecare Bracelet Help Our Elders

How Can a Telecare Bracelet Help Our Elders

How Can a Telecare Bracelet Help Our Elders



    – Presentation of the teleassistance bracelet

    – Functioning of this bracelet

    – Telecare bracelet: other types of equipment

    – Who is concerned about this bracelet?

    – Price of a bracelet of remote assistance


Teleassistance allows dependent, elderly or sick people to feel safe while maintaining their independence in their familiar environment.

Its main goal is to avoid many accidents, save lives and manage the anxieties of vulnerable people by helping them stay at home.

Presentation of the teleassistance bracelet

How Can a Telecare Bracelet Help Our Elders

The teleassistance bracelet is an alarm trigger used in the teleassistance service for a dependent, elderly or disabled people who wish to live at home while maintaining their autonomy.

The teleassistance bracelet can be:

    – in the form of a bracelet, a medallion/pendant, or clipped on a garment;

    – it is small, light, and must comply with American social alarm standards;

    – it is waterproof to allow the user to wash or do other water-related activities (dishes, housework) and complies with the waterproof standard: IP 67.

The remote assistance equipment is therefore equipped with two essential elements that allow the alarm to function

    – the transmitter, which is connected to the telephone socket and a power outlet;

    – the alarm (teleassistance bracelet) must be worn continuously to trigger the emergency call in case of a problem.

How this bracelet works

The teleassistance bracelet is particularly suitable for frail people who need to feel reassured while remaining in their living environment.

The “classic” teleassistance

This process is the first approach to teleassistance.

Distress call. In case of a problem (fall, discomfort, anxiety), the beneficiary must be able to give the alert quickly:

    – the user presses the alarm button,

    – the telephone transmitter is activated,

    – in a few seconds, the person is in contact with the assistance center or a relative.

Answer the phone remotely:

    – The person is quietly installed on his sofa, and the phone rings. The person does not need to move.

    – A simple pressure on the button of the pendant or bracelet answers the phone.

Remote assistance by geolocation

As far as geolocation teleassistance is concerned, these are often small trackers or small beacons that can be worn as a pendant or bracelet.

They are often used outside the home according to a well-defined security perimeter.

Telecare bracelet: other types of equipment

There are several types of telecare bracelets:

    – The bracelet teleassistance fall detector:

        ◦ it automatically detects a sudden fall (the person does not need to press the call button);

        ◦ the emergency call is launched immediately, and contact is established in a few seconds with the call center, which will be able to identify if it was triggered by a fall.

    – The call pear trigger: this is installed near the bed because it is not recommended to wear the telecare bracelet while sleeping.

    – The pull release can be installed near the shower or bathtub.

    – Telecare bracelet for disabled people: People suffering from a severe handicap can use specific transmitters (triggered by breath or touch).

Who is concerned about this bracelet?

The teleassistance bracelet is handy for vulnerable people who want to be autonomous while being secured at home:

    – home maintenance for older adults and home maintenance for disabled people;

    – people who are hospitalized at home.

Price of a teleassistance bracelet

The teleassistance bracelet is often included in the teleassistance subscription (box, teleassistance bracelet)

Aid is available to help with the cost under certain conditions. Some indicative prices:

    – For the price of a box, count about $50.

    – For the price of the contactor, count between $50 and $300 (high end of the range for the contactor).

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