Who Will Take Care of Me if I Don’t Have Kids?

Who Will Take Care of Me if I Don’t Have Kids?

In many countries, adult children are under the legal obligation to support their elderly parents, if the latter cannot manage on their own. However, according to many, children are not procreated for the purpose of becoming indebted to their parents for care. According to these people, they raise children to carry on their seed, their culture, their traditions, their customs and their family name; they don’t give birth to children so that they grow into “caretakers. “However, I have a completely different perspective.

Raising kids is one of the toughest jobs in the world but I can proudly say that I was raised by good parents. No matter how many hurdles they faced, they always made sure that I had the best. They spent a lot to fulfill my needs and even if these sacrifices took a great toll on their career, they still went beyond their limits to give me new and better opportunities. Now, growing up, don’t you think I have the responsibility to take care of my aging parents? I’m not saying that parents should always expect to be paid back for the love and care they have for their children, but can’t children look after their parents in their old age, especially after all the sacrifices they made to give them a good life?

They can and they should!!

But, what about people who don’t have any children at all? Who will be there to take care of them when they can no longer care for themselves?

Should I Adopt Kids?

Should I Adopt Kids?Some of the most pressing concerns that are usually associated with senior citizens are huge physical changes, disabilities and health conditions like heart problems, diabetes and dementia. Health is a big concern, especially when one enters the aging phase because a disease can change things in an instant. In that critical stage, the care and support of children can be the only hope for aging parents. This is why sometimes, despite some elders having multiple health problems, they are still immune from stress and anxiety as they are well taken care of by their children. However, what about those people who don’t have children? Who will be their hope and light during times of darkness?

When I was ten years old, I met a couple in my neighborhood who had absolutely no desire to have any kids. Ten years later, the couple reached around 50-55 years old and I learned that they wanted to adopt a kid. At that time, I was curious as to why they would suddenly adopt a child at this age and I was told that they needed someone to take care of them once they reached the old age.

Like this couple, I’ve known many people who’ve adopted kids with the mere purpose of having someone to take care of them in their old age. However, let me tell you that having a kid –be it by birth or by adoption – doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be bestowed with love and care in your old age.

There are many elderly parents out there who were abandoned by their own blood. Their children couldn’t bear living with them or taking care of them and thus preferred to put them in old age or retirement homes.

So, What Do I Do?

So, What Do I Do?First and foremost, if you’ve been diagnosed with a disability or a chronic illness where you require extensive care, I suggest you turn to professional care for old people. You can also consult a medical expert and ask for his advice.

Moreover, today the society consists of many organizations that were established to perform duties that could have otherwise been carried out by offspring. So, instead of worrying about how there’s no one to take care of you, I suggest you rejoice over all the institutions that were set up to provide love, companionship and care to those without children.


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