5 Natural Remedies for Teething

5 Natural Remedies for Teething

5 Natural Remedies for Teething

What parent hasn’t been upset to see their little one suffering from teething? To remedy it naturally, we have listed some practical tips to relieve the pain.

5 100% natural remedies to soothe the arrival of the first teeth!

A dental ring

Against the dental pains of babies, early childhood specialists propose a very effective object: the refrigerated teething ring. It takes the form of a rattle with a colorful and fun design and does not contain toxic products.

How does the refrigerated teething ring work?

– Put the ring in the refrigerator for at least two hours before use.

– Place the ring in your baby’s mouth.

– It’s thin and flat and fits perfectly in the baby’s delicate gums thanks to its massaging relief.

– The baby can handle the ring instinctively.

– The cold anesthetizes the inflamed parts of the gums.

– When the ring warms up, put it back in the refrigerator.

– If you buy two rings, you can alternate so that one is always fresh.

Caution: Avoid grandma’s trick of rubbing the painful gum with sugar or the back of a spoon. This technique is painful and can cause infections. 

A vegetable to chew on

Before teeth are formed, teething can be painful. A simple vegetable stick to chew on soothes a baby.

– A carrot is ideal.

– Leave the carrot in the refrigerator for several hours to harden.

– Peel the vegetable.

– Wash it thoroughly.

– Cut it into small sticks.

– Place it in your baby’s mouth.

– He will easily take the stick in his hand and enjoy rubbing it against his gums.

Caution: Plastic toys for children sometimes contain a chemical called phthalate. Toxic, it can cause severe developmental difficulties in children if ingested (phthalates are suspected of causing liver and testicular tumors). Make sure you offer your baby a pacifier or rattle utterly free of this substance, knowing that from January 2022, manufacturers will be obliged to make available information to identify endocrine disruptors in a product placed on the market.

A bracelet of amber or hazelnut

Amber and hazelnut have virtues capable of relieving dental pain. These two remedies are usually administered as a necklace for babies.

How to relieve his baby with amber for hazelnut?

– Always buy a necklace specially designed for babies. 

– Always supervise your child in the presence of this jewelry. 

– Leave the object in the child’s presence for only a few hours per day.

– Do not let your child sleep with the necklace at night or during naptime.

What are the effects of amber and hazelnut on the dental pain of baby?

5 Natural Remedies for Teething

– Amber, a fossilization of pine resin, diffuses a gentle heat on the skin.

– This heat calms and soothes the pain.

– The hazelnut can control the acidity diffused by saliva to reduce the child’s suffering.

Caution: the necklaces for babies are secured, and the stones are specially polished and tightened to avoid the risks of strangulation or rupture. Do not give your child an adult jewel!

A plant root

To effectively relieve your baby’s teething, you can give him or her some natural roots to chew on, which are effective and last a long time (about two years). In baby’s mouth, these roots release an active ingredient that can calm the pain.

Which roots are effective against dental pain?

– the roots of the iris ;

– violet root ;

– marshmallow root.

Precautions to take when giving a root to a child to chew:

– Always buy (in a pharmacy, for example) a specific root for babies; it is held with a small string.

– Do not put the string around the child’s neck.

– He can grab the string, but always under an adult’s constant supervision to avoid choking.

Good to know: the iris root has a slight laxative effect. It should, therefore, not be left in a baby’s mouth for too long.

A homeopathic remedy

5 Natural Remedies for Teething

Chamomilla Vulgaris is an aromatic European plant sold in pharmacies. It relieves dental pain in less than half an hour and also reduces fever.

This homeopathic plant is applied in different ways:

– Mouth gels: to be massaged gently on the gums of an infant.

– Teething rings: to be chewed at room temperature or cold for an anesthetic effect.

– With paracetamol in the form of syrup or suppository: to lower the temperature.

Good to know: this plant is also suitable for adults, even for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It allows relieving nervous problems but also various pains. For personalized treatment, ask a homeopath for advice. 

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