Convalescent Home

Why Go to a Convalescent Home

Why Go to a Convalescent Home


– Convalescent home: after a hospitalization

– Pathologies treated in a convalescent home

– Convalescent homes: adapted services

– Convalescent home: what are the rates?

The convalescent home is a follow-up and rehabilitation care establishment whose main objective is to treat different pathologies.

There are also other types of convalescent homes:

– rehabilitation center,

– specialized home,

– psychiatric rest homes,

– rest homes for the elderly,

– palliative care unit.

Convalescent home: after a hospitalization

The convalescent home can be a public or private care facility (with or without a contract).

The convalescent home is a medicalized care establishment that ensures the continuity of follow-up and rehabilitation care at the pace of each patient.

The care is provided after the acute phase of hospitalization (medical or surgical) and generally on discharge.

The essential mission of this type of establishment is to:

– reduce physical disabilities,

– restore the patient’s autonomy before returning home.

Patients stay from a few days to a few weeks (3 weeks): the reception can be full-time or part-time.

Pathologies treated in convalescent homes

Convalescent homes are generally specialized for people suffering from the following pathologies

– cancerology,

– neurology,

– functional rehabilitation,

– surgical conditions.

Aftercare facilities may also specialize in:

– geriatrics for the care of the elderly: this is often the majority of patients, they are admitted for dementia, Alzheimer, disorientation…,

– diabetes,

– nutrition,

– obesity,

– Palliative care: palliative care units are adapted for people reaching the end of life.

Convalescent homes: adapted services

The convalescent home must be of high quality and comply with current legislation (standards and certification).

The basic services of the convalescent home include

– accommodation (single room or not),

– meals,

– hygiene care,

– and follow-up care specific to each patient.

They are carried out by qualified personnel and thanks to equipment adapted to the various pathologies.

Which staff in a convalescent home?

Convalescent Home

Convalescent homes have a smaller medical and care team than hospitals.

However, the staff is very efficient because the convalescent home has professionals specialized in all aspects of follow-up care and rehabilitation: doctors, radiologists, physiotherapists…

The medical team is usually present 24 hours a day to provide care.

The medical staff elaborates an individualized care project, prepared according to a global assessment established at the entrance of the convalescent home.

The equipment of a convalescent home

In order to ensure the best of its mission, the convalescent home is often equipped with innovative material adapted to the pathologies to be treated:

– medicalized gymnastics room,

– re-education and rehabilitation room,

– physiotherapy room,

– radiology room,

– balneotherapy.

Convalescent home: what are the rates?

The convalescent home can be a public or private establishment of follow-up care.

Be careful, if it is not a convention establishment, the health insurance will not pay for anything, the rates are free.

If the establishment is a convention, the health insurance will take care of a part of the expenses, the remainder being in charge of the patient or of the mutual health insurance company if the latter has one.

Good to know: The rate for a convalescent home is daily and covers the cost of accommodation, meals, hygiene, and medical care.


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