Ways to Help Baby Fall Asleep

5 Ways to Help Baby Fall Asleep

5 Ways to Help Baby Fall Asleep


Every parent is confronted one day with a baby who can’t fall asleep. Let the Sandman lean over your baby’s crib and whisper some particularly effective magic spells if this happens to you.

Here are a few magician’s tricks to help your baby fall asleep quickly.

1. Gently warn baby

Ways to Help Baby Fall Asleep

Many parents don’t know that their child doesn’t understand why he or she must go to sleep while the adults stay up. One of the most effective secrets to getting the baby ready for sleep is simply talking to him and letting him know it’s time to go.

Why does it work?

    – Warning him every day will give him a habit that he will accept little by little.

    – Talking to him gently, calmly, and with gentle words also has a calming effect.

Good to know: don’t raise your voice if your little one is reluctant to sleep because he will associate your harsh tone with the bedtime ritual, and you will not succeed.

2. Establish a ritual

Ways to Help Baby Fall Asleep

Ritual is the magic word. This particular moment with his parents makes the infant understand that it is time to go to bed; it soothes and reassures him.

The bedtime ritual is applied every day, at the same time, always using the same procedures, the same gestures, and the exact words:

    – Walk your baby in your arms to the bedroom.

    – Sing a lullaby or tell her a story. 

    – Ask the other people in the room to say good night.

    – Tell him that he will have a good night’s sleep so he can rest and feel good the next day.

Good to know: when a baby is a newborn, his hearing picks up many more sounds than adults. They quickly learn words, music, and noises. So don’t hesitate to expand his vocabulary and introduce him to fun sounds.

3. Check the temperature in his room

Ways to Help Baby Fall Asleep

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, the temperature of your baby’s room will affect whether or not he or she can fall asleep easily. For optimal well-being, the temperature of a child’s room should be between 18 and 20°C.

How do you maintain a perfect atmosphere in a baby’s room?

    – Air the room once in the morning and once in the evening to circulate the air.

    – Install a small thermometer to check the temperature if you are unsure.

    – Turn the heat down a little when the room is empty, and turn it back up when you put your child to bed.

Good to know: maintaining an average temperature of 19°C at home is a legal requirement. If you cannot achieve this temperature in your building, you can take your building manager to court.

4. Make his room comfortable

To fall asleep quickly, your child needs to go to bed in a room with a soft, warm, and reassuring atmosphere. Your baby should like his room and feel good in it! To do this, take care of the decoration of his room.

Decorate with:

    – soothing colors;

    – stuffed animals;

    – pretty pictures of his family;

    – with a small nightlight;

    – drawings of her brothers and sisters, etc.

Good to know: you can also try to change the layout of his bed to move it around the room; he may prefer this new arrangement.

5. Don’t be afraid of noises

Ways to Help Baby Fall Asleep

Many parents think that the slightest noise could wake up the baby. This is a mistake because the noises around the house help reassure the baby and help him fall asleep.

The sounds of his home show the baby that he is not alone:

    – the sounds of eating;

    – the voices of his family;

    – the creaking of the floor, etc.

Attention: do not confuse noise with sound. Aggressive sounds or music that is too loud can disturb his sleep.


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