6 Tips for Socializing in an Elderly Home

Going to a home is not always easy, especially during the first few weeks. But today, we will give you tips on how to make it easier with socializing advice. Keep reading to learn more.

1- While You Are Settling In

Members of your family may have accompanied you to your new home to help you unpack and get settled. Take this opportunity to introduce your family to any curious neighbors you happen to meet “the new guy”. With our loved ones, we tend to be more friendly and approachable, so this is a good opportunity to break the ice, make the first step of introductions and start socializing in a residence.

2- Explore

When the rush of moving is over and everything is in its place, you may feel like you don’t know what to do next. Let’s go exploring, we say! Beyond the personal space, there will be common areas and outdoor walks that you need to know about to socialize in a residence. People you meet will say hello and it’s another opportunity to meet people. If there is a cafeteria, gym or recreation area in the residence or in a nearby neighborhood, this is the time to go.

3- Introduce Yourself

It is normal to feel that people are looking at you. After all, you are like the new kid on the block. They have also been through the same thing at some point. People are curious and receptive to the idea of you introducing yourself, shaking hands, saying your name, where you’re from, and anything else you think is appropriate. Don’t forget to ask the other person the same thing. You may find common interests with some people from day one, and that will be the doorway to meeting other people. In a few days, everyone will know him by name.

4- The First Contact

We can all know the first friend we had at school or university. This person has remained in our hearts as someone very special. Socializing in a residence is not much different: there will also be someone with whom you will feel comfortable for the first time, with whom you will connect and relate your experiences, truly corresponding to your need for socialization. You will be his special person in this new stage, but don’t hesitate to keep growing and meeting people from there.

5- The Staff

Just as the resident will be a special first contact, it is common for the senior to make a special connection with a health care staff member, administration, maintenance, kitchen staff, driver, social worker, etc.

These people have become part of her life as well, she will see them every day. Having a healthy relationship with them, greeting them, asking how they are doing, treating them with respect, will be very beneficial to her social life. They care about your well-being, so if they know you, they will be more likely to respond to your needs.

6- Spaces Created for Socializing in a Residence

Common spaces such as the TV room, game room, dining room, library or gym often seem threatening because they are not spaces you have in your home. They are brand new and tend to be crowded at peak times. Getting there can be a real challenge for an introvert. If this is your case, remember that isolation is not healthy for seniors and that socializing in a nursing home is beneficial to you in many ways. A common space offers many opportunities to socialize while doing something enjoyable, such as watching television, playing games or eating. Still, if you don’t want to start socializing all at once, sitting down to read a book in these spaces is a way to preserve your personal space.

There you go! With those 6 tips you should be able to fully socialize when getting to a home. Is it you first time going to an elderly home? How do you feel? Let us know in the comments below.


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