Admission Formalities to a Nursing Home Care

Admission Formalities to a Nursing Home Care



 Nursing home coverage: the health insurance

 Formalities for coverage: depending on where you come from

 Nursing home care: what are the rates?


 The rest home is a follow-up and rehabilitation care establishment that exists in different forms:

 – the rehabilitation center,

 – the convalescent home,

 – the specialized reception house,

 – the psychiatric rest home,

 – rest homes for the elderly,

 – palliative care units.

 Coverage of nursing homes: the health insurance

 Health insurance mainly covers the costs of nursing homes.

 They are paid directly to the establishment.

It is necessary to contact the hospital’s social worker or a social worker from your primary health insurance fund to enter a rest home after hospitalization.

 A trusted person can be designated to assist and accompany the patient in his medical procedures and discussions.

 Formalities: depending on where you come from

 The formalities to be completed are not the same if you have just been hospitalized and come from your home.

 Admission to a nursing home: documents to be provided

The patient will be asked to fill out the admission file for a nursing home. For instance: 

 – the cards justifying the opening of its rights, vital card and possibly that of its mutual insurance company,

 – the status report if the patient comes from a hospital,

 – If the patient comes directly from home, he will be asked for health insurance coverage.

 Care in a nursing home: coming from home

Admission Formalities to a Nursing Home Care

 Do you wish to enter a rest home directly from your home? In this case, you will need the agreement of the health insurance.

 You must request a prior agreement with your attending physician or specialist.

 You will only access a rest home after the health insurance agreement, which the home will request during the admission formalities.

 Obtaining admission to a nursing home on discharge from hospital: direct transfer

 The formalities for accessing the nursing home are generally carried out when you leave the hospital.

 The main objective is to stay a few days or even a few weeks (about three weeks) in a nursing home to rest and receive specific care before returning home.

 It is not compulsory to ask the health insurance to cover the costs before leaving the hospital: the file is transferred directly from one establishment to another.

 Palliative care units and management

 For the patient to be admitted to a palliative care unit, the social services generally handle the admission requests and the patient’s transfer.

 Please note that admission times can be long and there are may not be palliative care units in all departments.

 How much does a nursing home charge?

 The fee for a rest home is a daily fee. It is equivalent to hospitalization fees and covers:

 – accommodation,

 – meals,

 – hygiene care,

 – medical care and treatment.

 In our upcoming publication, you will soon learn more about the psychiatric nursing home, whose main objective is to provide continuous care to restore the patient’s taste for an independent and responsible life. We will tell you how the medical staff elaborates an individualized care project, prepared according to a global assessment established at the entrance of the psychiatric rest home.

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