Best Adult Daycare Centers in Australia (Part 2)

Best Adult Daycare Centers in Australia (Part 2)

If you are a caregiver that works during the day, an adult daycare center can be very helpful as you try to balance your crazy job schedule with caregiving duties. So, here’s one of the best adult daycare centers in Australia.

Wingecarribee Adult Day Care Centers

Wingecarribee Adult Day Care Centers

The quality as well as the breadth of services, can vary from center to center. Different adult day care centers are based on different social models, with some focusing solely on group activities and connection while others operate on a health and wellness model that focuses more on care. However, Wingecarribee is an adult daycare center that combines both models.

Wingecarribee was opened with the aim of supporting people who are frailly aged or those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementias. They want to create opportunities for these weak social groups to participate in activities in a safe environment. The daycare center knows how people can start becoming very isolated and feel very lonely once they start aging and are unable to go out on their own. However, Wingecarribee attempts to create a new world for these people where they can have a group of friends, talk, have fun and enjoy life as they used to do before.

Vision and mission of the adult daycare center:

  • Older adults have the right to make choices in their lives.
  • Older adults have a right to privacy, dignity and respect.
  • Older adults should be valued as individuals.
  • Older adults should have access to mainstream services.



  • This adult daycare center welcomes people of over 65 years old.
  • Services are offered in an effective and accountable manner.
  • A wide range of activities are usually organized for older adults, including quizzes, brain games, puzzles and more.
  • Music is used to bring back happy memories and to promote overall mental and physical health.
  • Physical activities are usually organized for those who can engage in such activities.
  • Morning tea along with a hot two-course lunch is always provided. And, the daycare center sees to it that only nutritious yet appetizing foods are served.
  • To ensure the safety and comfort of older adults, wheelchair-accessible transport are usually provided.
  • The staff is very friendly and caring.

People’s Reviews:

“One thing I can say about this daycare center is that it’s not a profit-motivated organization. My old parents were initially kind of always sad and depressed, but ever since they went to Wingecarribee, they changed so much. I can’t even believe what I see now; it’s like that they are new to me. It’s wonderful to see your parents laugh, talk and smile again without worrying about anything in the world. I really want to thank all the people at Wingecarribee and I wish the best for them.” – From Nal

“My grandma is like wow…totally new gal. She’s changed and I love that kind of change in her. She’s now all chatty and she’s always talking about how much fun she’ve had with her friends at Wingecarribee. I always try to visit her and the last time I saw her playing Bingo with all her new friends and she was really happy. Maybe that’s what she needed. A change…or Wingecarribee.” – From Amelia

“I have a 96-year-old mother and our relationship was always tough. We never really got along. I thought after dad passed away, it would be good for her to be with us, with one stipulation, that Mom and I get therapy to be able to move on through our mutual problems. But Mom had dementia and then became just pure mean and nasty. We went to therapy, but she refused to even speak. We were stuck and there was no one to help. Luckily, I heard about Wingecarribee and it changed our life.” – From A.J


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