Demystifying Some of the Most Popular Myths About Nursing Homes

Today’s nursing homes are nothing like they used to be in the past. Over the last two decades, the policies and procedures, personnel, training, amenities and quality of care have improved significantly. However, because there are still common misconceptions, people are often fearful of unnecessary transition to a care facility. Even the term “nursing home” is no longer frequently used; they are now popularly referred to as “skilled nursing communities” or “long-term care communities.” But in this article, we bring you some of the most common myths that you should get rid of when you think about sending your loved ones to elderly care homes. Without further ado, let’s demystify some of the most popular myths about old-age homes.

#Myth 1- The residents stay in bed all-day


When you visit a nursing home, you won’t see most residents lounging in bed with hospital gowns all day long. Most elderly homes provide a wide range of activities to their patrons and provide them with leisurely activities, making them more social and active. This lets them live a happy and fulfilled life until they kick the bucket and join the other side. Nursing homes are hard workers and plan fun events and activities for their residents, from anywhere to bingo, to outings and even shopping to local shops. They often have parties and dance lessons and are usually encouraged by the home workers to get up and exercise. Many elderly homes also have large outdoor areas, where the resident can go out to enjoy the sunny and nice weather.

#Myth 2- Elderly care homes always smell bad


A well-kept nursing home that is kept in excellent condition should not have a foul odor, nor should it smell bad. It is true that some of the people who live in nursing homes can’t control their bladder and bowel movements, and they usually relieve themselves anywhere, this is why they have dippers, but this shouldn’t mean that a nursing home is well taken care of. Good nursing staff should clean up soils quickly because this is not something that should be let to stay there and there are cleaning products out there that can help get rid of these odors. Nursing homes should always have a pleasant smell or no smell at all is the level of cleanliness that all nursing homes should aspire to. A nursing home that smells bad should be a red flag and a warning that the people living there aren’t well taken care of.

#Myth 3- Most residents of nursing homes are very sick


People live in nursing homes for different reasons, not only because they are sick but also because they have different reasons other than health. Some people stay in nursing homes because they are lonely and have no one to take care of them, and others are just too old or disabled. Some people just need assistance like to their day-to-day life, and this is the reason why they decide to like in nursing home because there are people there to help them take their medications or get through the day. Some people who stay in nursing homes have Alzheimer’s and forget to take their medication, and this is a way for them to stay in a safe and secure environment. So, no, nursing homes aren’t just for people who are incredibly sick; it is also fr people who need help to get through their day. Many residents in nursing homes are still pretty healthy and sharp.

Remember, the internet is full of clickbaity titles and articles, and not everything you read or see on there is true; you need to use your critical skills to discern the truth from the fake. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to read more about the myths surrounding nursing homes.


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