Top 4 Reasons Why Golf Is The Perfect Activity For Older People

There is a reason why you see a lot of older people on golf courts; it is a way for them to socialize and keep themselves fit. It is a low-impact sport which means it is the perfect sport for this group of people; it is also a very social sport that is perfect for them. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons why golf is the perfect sport for older people.

1. Good for your joints


Our cartilage our muscles get a bit rusty as we grow older, but you can prevent this by practicing physical activity. But golf helps us to keep our strength. The swing requires speed, coordination, and good amplitude- which otherwise tends to decrease with age. And this is true for the legs, the trunk, and the arms. Teasing the club also makes you more flexible because you don’t hit the ball like a brute!

Moreover, it is the sport of proprioception par excellence (it allows you to perceive all parts of the body). In this respect, it surpasses tai chi! Thanks to the little ball, we cultivate our ability to keep our balance and control the position of our movements in space, according to studies published in 2010 and 2011.

These studies prove that golfing is a great activity, especially for older people, as it allows them to stay healthy and practice a low energy consuming exercise. It is also perfect for people with hip and knee replacements. Recent studies on the matter show that 95 to 99% of them are back on the greens. Better yet, they have reached their previous level or even improved it!

2. Low risk of injury

A golf course offers a minimum of 9 holes, even though it usually has 18 holes. The player will have to walk for 6 or 7 km on uneven terrain. This is why it is a perfect activity for seniors: it requires walking, an activity that is recommended at any age and carries a low risk of injury.

Golf is a low-intensity sport, dynamic and static simultaneously: a winning combination for people suffering from all types of cardiovascular, metabolic, or neurological pathologies. It is, therefore, a perfect sport for older people. Although you have never played before, you should always have a medical examination to ensure that your health is compatible with golf.

3. Nature and source of vitamin D and good for the brain


Golf is played outdoors, taking advantage of nature and direct exposure to the sun, which promotes the synthesis of vitamin D and the health of the bones, thus helping to prevent many diseases such as osteoporosis. Few sports can boast such a privileged setting! In these wide-open spaces, golf is currently one of the safest sports.

One of the main benefits of golf, regardless of the age of the player, is to promote cognitive abilities. Playing golf requires concentration and the ability to calculate each shot. As you practice, you will notice that your concentration improves with each game.

4. A relaxing sport that promotes socializing

Golf is a delightful sport, both in terms of the outdoor and natural setting and the company of the people you play with. It is perfect for playing with friends or family and especially for playing with seniors. The age difference doesn’t matter in golf, as it is a sport where you play against yourself. This is why it is a relaxed sport that promotes socializing.

Swedish researchers explain this decrease in mortality by the socialization that golf allows. The researchers explain this decrease in mortality by the socialization that golf allows. In fact, on the green, you are constantly surrounded by other athletes. And if a player feels that they are lagging behind the others, they will see a doctor keep up. Thanks to this reflex, his health is better-taken care of.

Final thought


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