Retirement Home

How to Choose Your Retirement Home

How to Choose Your Retirement Home


– Before you start visiting

– Criteria for choosing a retirement home

– During and after the visit

Visiting the facility is an essential step in your choice. It is imperative to have seen the place once to get a clear idea of the atmosphere of the retirement home.

To avoid having an endless list of establishments to visit, make an initial selection based on your needs and desires.

Before you start visiting

It would help if you asked yourself some questions to help you define your “ideal” retirement home. The answers to these questions will allow you to identify the type of retirement home in which you want to reside and thus narrow down and better target your search:

– Do I want to stay close to my neighborhood, city, and loved ones? Do I want to be closer to part of my family in another region? In both cases, how will I receive such a move?

◦ What type of housing?

◦ A house or an apartment?

◦ With a garden?

◦ What rooms can I agree to share?

– Which environment? Urban? Rural?

– Do I need care or presence day and night?

– What sports or cultural activities should I continue or start?

Criteria for choosing a retirement home

Retirement Home

First of all, it is essential to talk to the management team when you visit the different types of accommodation. It would help if you also take the opportunity to ask them what is included in the price, but especially any extras, such as laundry and diapers.

– Some activities in a retirement home are optional and not free of charge. Do not hesitate to ask for explanations.

– The life project elaborated by the establishment is essential. Ask for the program of activities and daily activities.

– Medical care is also essential: in case of deterioration of the resident’s autonomy, how is his care guaranteed?

The attitude of the seniors living in the retirement home is not to be neglected either because it will allow you to judge the integration of the future resident and feel the general atmosphere of the future retirement home.

– Is the medical staff attentive, motivated, and especially respectful and courteous of the elderly?

During and after the visit

During your first visit, don’t hesitate to take notes. You can prepare a comparison chart, including several selection criteria. All you have to do is check off the boxes according to what you discover… and your impressions.

Here are some guidelines for a comprehensive observation:

– The facility’s staff: are they present? Numerous? Are they smiling? How are they dressed?

– The food? The meal times? The variety?

– What medical equipment? What care?

– What activities are offered? Are there common rooms?

– What facilities and comfort equipment? Are pets allowed? Are the rooms equipped with air conditioning?

– What is the state of cleanliness of the premises?

– Do the residents seem to feel “at home”? Feel free to talk to them.

– What is the general atmosphere in the facility?

Hope you find your retirement home. Remember to share your experience below.

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