How Can Children’s Bathroom Help Them Brush Their Teeth

How Can Children’s Bathroom Help Them Brush Their Teeth

How Can Children’s Bathroom Help Them Brush Their Teeth


– A bathroom adapted and evolving for children

– A fun and colorful bathroom

– A special attention to safety

You can dedicate a bathroom to your children, big or small? Your children’s bathroom must be adapted to their size, functional, progressive (they grow up too fast), fun, colorful, and safe. Here are some tips to help them brush their teeth.

A bathroom adapted and evolving for children

How Can a Children's Bathroom Help Them Brush Their Teeth


If space permits, a bathtub is preferable to a shower with a thermostatic tap to avoid burns. 

A large, long, “trough-like” basin will give the room a vintage “school-like” feel. And outdated bidets will be revived by the children as they make perfect basins at the right height. 

Plan a credenza around the vanity top to reinforce the waterproofing against the inevitable splashes. Also, tile all around the bath (or shower).

To fight against waste, you can install infrared faucets for the sinks and detection lights. 

A water room exclusively adapted to toddlers

How Can a Children's Bathroom Help Them Brush Their Teeth

As children grow up quickly, this paragraph concerns nursery assistants or those who are not afraid to renovate their bathroom every 5 or 6 years. 

Size of installation

To encourage children’s autonomy and learning, a bathroom adapted and at their height is a plus.

To do this, the sink will be placed lower, at about 65 or 70 cm from the floor instead of the usual 90 cm. 

The same goes for the toilet, which will be 30 cm from the floor instead of 45 cm. 

Specific furniture and fittings

How Can a Children's Bathroom Help Them Brush Their Teeth

Having a changing table in the bathroom can allow you to change your baby safely and without breaking your back, in the warmth of the bathroom, before and after his bath. There are even wall-mounted tables that can be folded down. 

Choose low, open storage units that are easy to access. 

The faucets should be easy to use (mixer, not mixer) and easy to grip.

Good to know: if you connect the sink with flexible tubes, it will be easier to raise it later. 

An evolving and durable bathroom

You can adapt a standard adult-sized bathroom to a child: this adaptation will evolve according to the child’s age and allow the bathroom to last longer, from childhood to adolescence.

So, for a bathroom to become practical for a child, it’s all about accessories and access. Here’s a list of ideas:

– a non-slip step or stool in front of the vanity top. Ideally, if your vanity is suspended, you can slide the step under it;

– a bathtub access step: this can also be used to hide pipes, as a bench, or for additional storage;

– hooks at various heights;

– a soft silicone shower head, more pleasant to the touch, less slippery, less noisy, and which does not break when dropped…

– Storage for bath toys, in a wall niche or a net: the key is to provide an easily accessible area for their storage and drying;

– accessories with vents to change the hanging height according to the age;

– a toilet seat reducer and a potty. 

A fun and colorful bathroom

Recover your childlike spirit and have fun decorating this room; anything goes! Go for bright, acidic, and cheerful colors and playful shapes.

Always in the idea of certain durability of the bathroom so that your children do not get tired of a decoration too marked, you can play the card and colorful only on the accessories, or on a single wall. There are also repositionable stickers for tiles.

Decorating idea: you can replace the handles of your furniture (vanity or storage unit) with pretty colored knobs with original shapes. 

Special attention to safety

Particular attention should be paid to the safety of children, so pay attention to the following points because the risk of domestic accidents is very high:

– The step and the changing table must be stable.

– The bathtub/shower fittings must be equipped with a hot water safety device, i.e., a red blocking button for temperatures above 38 °C. Thermostatic mixing valves allow the temperature to be pre-set. 

– It is necessary to put all household products, medicines, electrical appliances (hair dryers, razors), hygiene products, etc., out of reach in a closed cupboard.

– Provide a non-slip floor covering, a bath/shower mat, and a non-slip bath/shower outlet. 

– Do not leave any electrical appliances plugged in.

Note: don’t hesitate to contact an interior designer who will be able to advise you and create a custom-made children’s bathroom for you. 

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