How to Choose Your Maternity Insurance

How to Choose Your Maternity Insurance

How to Choose Your Maternity Insurance



Benefits covered by social security

Costs to be paid by the insured or the mutual insurance company

How to choose a mutual insurance company?

Choosing a mutual insurance company is not always easy. Choosing a maternity insurance policy is advisable before becoming pregnant, as there is often a waiting period.

To help you choose the most suitable mutual insurance company for you, here is a list of the benefits covered by the social security system and those to be paid by the insured person:

Benefits covered by social security

Maternity insurance covers 100% of certain medical services relating to pregnancy.

Conditions to be met

To be eligible for reimbursement of benefits, you must meet certain conditions:

you must have sent in your pregnancy declaration (which corresponds to the first prenatal examination) before the 15th week of amenorrhoea

have sent the other proof of the 6 compulsory prenatal examinations

Benefits covered

How to Choose Your Maternity Insurance

The health insurance covers 100% of all medical expenses, pharmaceutical expenses, laboratory tests, and hospitalization costs related to pregnancy, childbirth, and its aftermath during the period from 4 months before the expected date of delivery to 12 months after childbirth.

Outside this period, health insurance covers certain pregnancy-related services such as childbirth preparation sessions by a midwife or amniocentesis.

Regarding imaging tests, only the ultrasound scan at 32 weeks of amenorrhoea is reimbursed at 100%. Ultrasound examinations at 12 to 22 weeks are refunded at 70%, with the remainder usually covered by the health insurance company. If there is a medical need for further ultrasound scans, they are typically covered after a prior agreement with the insurance company.

After the birth, the postnatal check-up, which takes place 8 weeks after the birth, perineal rehabilitation sessions, any costs of hospitalization of the newborn, the eight health examinations in the first year of life, the three examinations in the second year, and the six-monthly examinations up to the child’s 6th birthday are also covered at 100%.

Costs to be paid by the insured person or the mutual insurance company

Certain expenses during pregnancy and childbirth are payable by the insured person or her mutual insurance company:

the co-payment for certain costs incurred during the first six months of pregnancy

expenses for personal comforts, such as a private room or television;

extra fees are charged by certain doctors: obstetricians and anesthetists.

How to choose a mutual insurance company?

How to Choose Your Maternity Insurance

The choice of the health insurance company will depend on your choices concerning your pregnancy and childbirth. The choice of a mutual insurance company will not be the same depending on whether you want to be followed by a doctor who charges extra or not, a single room with a television or not…

Some mutual insurance companies pay a birth bonus (obtained after sending a copy of the birth certificate). The amount of this bonus can also help you choose your mutual insurance company (be careful, you often need at least one year of contributions before the pregnancy to obtain the bonus, so be sure to read the entire contract).

If you choose a mutual insurance company while you are pregnant, you must be careful to choose one without a waiting period, which is not the case for most of them.

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