5 Skin Care Tips for Older Adults

Even if you have taken care of your skin with the most expensive products, at some point in your life it will start to age. The youthful glow will fade; it won’t be as tight and smooth as it used to be. It will start to feel wrinkly, and signs of aging will show. Aging spared no one and may even affect some at the mental level as self-confidence decreases during that time.

When you are growing old, skincare is much more than what you look like. It is more about your health.

Why Your Skin Changes

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During your life, your skin will change more than one time. It is exposed to a lot; pollution, beauty products, harsh skincare, and the sun. So, it is normal that it will change. On top of that, other factors may affect it, such as allergies, nutrition, or an unhealthy lifestyle (heavy drinking or smoking).

Skin Issues To Anticipate;

As you grow older, there are some issues that you become more prone to; below is a list that you should foresee;

Sun Damage

You must notice that part of your body that has not seen the sun has an even tone or is more supple because the sun thickens the skin while it is normally thin when you age.

The pigments that give your skin color will diminish as you age, and areas that are more exposed to the sun will eventually have more brown spots and may have other issues. As we grow older, our skin loses elasticity and collagen; sun exposure contributes even more to the loss of elasticity.

Unfortunately, the issues caused by the sun are irreversible, so it is better that you take measures to prevent them from happening. You should avoid sunbathing or the usage of tanning beds, do not go in direct sunlight between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and always wear your SPF even when it is not sunny.

Slow Healing

Babies’ skin heals very fast, and as you grow older, this healing time will be prolonged. Also, it takes more time to heal, but it will also bruise like a peach, which means that it will bruise easily. You should cover your skin to protect yourself; this will limit bruises thus scarring.

Dry Skin

Your skin will become drier as you grow old for various reasons; not drinking enough water, sun exposure, stress, diabetes, and fewer sweat and oil glands. To avoid this issue to happen, you should stay away from hot water when showering, apply moisturizer every day, and use a humidifier when needed.

Feet Care

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One part of the body that is often neglected by the elderly is their feet. The Elderly are more prone to ingrown nails, calluses and corns. If you cannot trim your toenails yourself, ask someone to help you out.

Ensure that you wash and dry your feet well to avoid bacteria and infections. If you encounter serious issues, book an appointment with a foot care doctor.


As you grow older, it is best to use mild soaps that do not have a lot of fragrances. Avoid products that have oils as you may slip and fall, and as mentioned earlier, a hot water shower will only make your skin drier.

You should be able to enjoy these years without worrying about how you will look. You should stick to basic skincare (wash, moisturize, and SPF). Some people like to take collagen as it helps have more glowy and grow elasticity, but keep in mind that it won’t be like your teenage years. Let us know in the comment what issues you are facing…

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