Wellness Activities in Retirement Homes

4 Great Wellness Activities in Retirement Homes

4 Great Wellness Activities in Retirement Homes


– Body Care in a retirement home 

– Gentle sports in a retirement home 

– Relaxation in a retirement home 

– Retirement home and mediation therapy

Retirement homes offer well-being activities to their residents. Beyond the pleasant sensations these activities can provide, several therapeutic objectives are hidden behind this initiative.

These special times help maintain social ties, promote self-image, re-educate residents physically and mentally, reduce anxiety, etc. Here is a closer look at the benefits of the activities offered in retirement homes.

1. Body care in a retirement home 

The retirement home can be transformed into an authentic spa and offer its residents : 

– esthetics and hairdressing; 

– massages; 

– balneotherapy, etc. 

2. Soft sports in a retirement home 

Wellness Activities in Retirement Homes

Most non-disabled residents can practice certain gentle sports, adequately supervised. These physical activities are excellent for the body and mind:

– They prevent muscle mass from melting;

– They help maintain balance.

– They offer a time of relaxation.

Among the sports frequently practiced in retirement homes are 

– tai chi (considered by order of doctors as complementary medicine, particularly beneficial to the elderly).

– yoga 

– gentle gymnastics; and 

– aquagym, etc. 

3. Relaxation in retirement homes 

Residents in retirement homes can be agitated and anxious. Some retirement homes offer relaxation activities to help them stay calm:

– the mental journey;

– breathing exercises;

– music therapy

– light therapy;

– snoezelen;

– memory workshops, etc.

4. Retirement home and mediation therapy

Residents of retirement homes are susceptible to small living beings. These are beneficial to them in many ways: affection, absence of judgment, etc.

The social bond is sometimes easier to create with animals or children than with other people: 

– Some establishments, therefore, offer zootherapy activities. Animal therapists come with their animals, often a dog, to visit the retirement home. This activity is generally prevalent. It should be noted that some establishments sometimes adopt an animal, such as a cat, and let it roam the premises in search of petting. 

– There is even baby therapy. Some retirement homes initiate partnerships with daycare centers. The children come to the establishment, and vice versa. 

Certified and accredited outside workers often offer these activities. However, some retirement homes employ full-time facilitators who can provide certain wellness activities in addition to recreational activities.

Note: even if the activities offered by the retirement home are essential, they should not be an important criterion for choosing a home. Other criteria are more important: the quality of the care team, the price, the cleanliness of the premises.

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