What to Do if Baby Is Not Sleeping

What to Do if Baby Is Not Sleeping

What to Do if Baby Is Not Sleeping


The reasons for this situation

The reactions to adopt

After 6 to 8 months, sleep problems that last can be a source of concern and destabilization for parents and family life. Baby is tired and restless, and parents are often at a loss. A baby doesn’t sleep for several reasons, and the answers are different. Let’s see closer below.

Baby does not sleep: the reasons for this situation

Baby cries while sleeping.

Your baby’s crying during sleep can be due to alternating sleep cycles, nightmares, or night terrors.

The most important thing is not to wake your baby at the first whimper. Sometimes your baby will go back to sleep on his own. Sometimes he or she may not wake up at all. So wait a little while before you intervene.

If baby doesn’t calm down, don’t take him out of his bed but put your hand on his belly to reassure him and rock him a little with your hand. Talk to him gently, telling him that he is safe and that everything is fine.

Baby confuses day and night.

Sometimes your baby takes big naps during the day and doesn’t sleep at night, resulting from his intrauterine life. Another reason is your baby was quiet at night but restless during the day. Lulled by Mom’s movements, he falls asleep thinking it is nighttime.

To avoid this phenomenon, think of putting your child in complete darkness at night and opening the shutters during the day during his nap. He will then become aware of the different phases of his day.

Baby doesn’t sleep: the reactions to adopt

What to Do if Baby Is Not Sleeping

Around 6 months, babies should sleep about 15 hours a day. The problem is that this sleep time is not as great for some of them, or it takes the form of micro-naps of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Note: Good sleep helps secrete growth hormones. A child who does not sleep can have problems with physical and cerebral development.

The bedtime ritual

Sometimes, especially around 8 months, your baby cries a lot at bedtime. It is essential to establish a bedtime ritual that calms and reassures him.

Doing the same thing at the same time every day helps your baby to understand that bedtime is part of a reassuring ritual. It is also possible to rock him. This movement reminds him of the one he experienced in his mother’s womb and allows him to calm his breathing.

An environment conducive to sleep

It is important to create an environment conducive to sleep with a comfortable room that is not too hot (about 19 degrees):

Avoid overloading his bed with stuffed animals.

Put him in the dark at night, and don’t cover him too much: don’t use blankets or comforters; a sleeping bag or a pajama cover will be enough.

Choose a firm mattress that will be better for his back and, therefore, more comfortable.

Do not overload his room with useless objects that clutter the visual space.

Note: be careful never to give in to the temptation to make your baby sleep in your bed. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to return to his room.

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