7 Creative Games for Babies

7 Creative Games for Babies

7 Creative Games for Babies

It takes a few weeks for newborns to fully perceive colors while their touch and hearing are already developed. That’s why they love to discover new sounds and textures from birth.

When they can distinguish and see correctly, many toys and accessories will be able to complete and perfect their development. It’s up to you to offer them the right ones!

1. A mobile to stimulate the little ones

Between 2 and 4 months, it’s a good time to hang a mobile above his bed or playpen.

Choose one with contrasting colors! Baby doesn’t know how to sit yet, which will allow him, even lying down, to enjoy watching it turn, observing its colors, and even listening to it (if it makes music)!

The mobile is undoubtedly the first essential accessory to encourage creative play and help baby develop his awareness.

2. A rattle to encourage him to move

From the age of 3 months, could you give him a rattle? Preferably light and made of fabric, it can be attached to his wrist or feet with a hook and loop fastener. This way, as he moves, he will have fun making noise.

He’ll love it even if he doesn’t have control of his movements yet. Once your baby is older and can handle it, he’ll love a classic rattle too.

Good to know: toys that are too noisy, like drums or xylophones, should be avoided if you don’t want too many headaches!

3. A musical toy to awaken him

Many early learning toys have soft, lively music that baby will love. Choose them in such a way that you must press a button lightly to start them up. This way, baby will quickly try to activate it by himself.

Unfortunately, many toys still require too much strength and skill… It’s a shame. So think about testing it before you buy it.

Good to know: Avoid too many toys that require batteries even if you can’t escape them. Otherwise, you will have to replace them too often… 

4. A mirror to observe himself

When your baby is close to 4 months old, hang a mirror on his bed or playpen (making sure he can’t grab it and that it’s securely attached). Your toddler will quickly become fascinated by the “other” baby he sees in his reflection… He will naturally be tempted to smile at or talk to him (in his baby language, of course!). You may be surprised… 

5. A book to introduce him to stories

7 Creative Games for Babies

When your baby is about 4 months old, think about giving him one or more cardboard or soft plastic books. Choose large, colorful pictures or photos, of animals, for example.

If you like to tell stories, don’t deprive yourself, he will follow the illustrations with you. You can bounce on a color, an animal, or a character and let his imagination run wild (his cries of joy, his babbling, his gestures), and don’t be surprised if he chews them! Most babies love to do this.

6. A water toy for creative baths

7 Creative Games for Babies

Around 8 months, when baby is sitting upright in the bathtub, offer him a few objects that he can use to pour and transfer bath water. A small empty bottle, for example, jars, a colander, plastic bowls, or plastic toys…

Two or three of these accessories will do the trick so that baby can enjoy this moment creatively.

7. A stacking game for balance

When your toddler can sit up, don’t hesitate to introduce a stacking game, such as plastic rings to pass around a central axis. Stacking jars or boxes are also great fun! Especially if they make noise when they collapse… 

Good to know: at this age, it is imperative to avoid games or accessories containing small parts. They are dangerous for baby if swallowed and will be lost too easily. 

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