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Top 5 Simple Activities For Elderly People

As we get older, we get tired easily, and we tend to become couch potatoes and only turn on the TV and watch that. However, having a leisure activity or practicing an activity is something that can keep you in a good mental and physical state. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the activities elderly people can do to keep themselves in good health.

1. Practice a sport


Whatever your parents’ age or degree of autonomy, it can only be beneficial for them to practice a sports activity. Of course, for seniors, the gentlest sports activities are to be preferred. The benefits are countless for flexibility, mobility, balance, and even good mental health.

Practice sports can help you stay in a positive mindset and good health. Many doctors thus recommend gentle gymnastics, yoga, or Tai Chi for their virtues for seniors. Most sports clubs or associations even have hours reserved for them. Don’t hesitate to contact the town hall or your parents’ care center to find out more.

2. Listen to audiobooks


Listening to audiobooks is an ideal occupation for seniors. Even those who don’t like to read can have a lot of fun with the many stories available. As this market is in full expansion, you will have no trouble finding many books in CD format. Note that many of them are read by well-known actors or by professionals who will make the story exciting and perfectly audible.

To buy audiobooks, we suggest the websites Audible or Spotify, as they have a large catalog and do not require any subscription. You can also turn to your favorite bookstore or borrow some from your local library.

3. Practice stress-relieving coloring for adults


Coloring is not just for children. In fact, anyone, adult or not, will find it a much more creative and beneficial occupational activity than one might suspect. In fact, some coloring books for adults can be particularly beautiful. This is an artistic activity in its own right, which is why these books are so popular in art therapy.

There is a wide selection of books to choose from, and you will be sure to find a book with a theme that your parents will enjoy (nature, history, myths, mandalas, etc.). Don’t hesitate to contact your local bookstore for advice.

4. Writing a memoir 



Writing one’s memoirs is an occupational activity that could be recommended to any older person. Moreover, it has the advantage of being a solitary activity as well as a family one, so do not hesitate to offer your help to your parents. This could be an opportunity for many enriching exchanges. Of course, it will take some time, and several evenings or weekends should be devoted to it.

By writing their memoirs, your parents have the opportunity to offer a part of their history as a legacy to their children and grandchildren. And if, like many older people, they think they “don’t have anything special to say,” reassure them that their story is one of the most important you will ever read.

If they agree to let you help them with this very special task, we suggest you bring a small notebook and a dictaphone (a smartphone with a dictaphone app will work just fine). This will allow you to complete the handwriting after the fact.

You can then ask a public writer to correct and format these memoirs and then print them in book form. This can be something your close one can read after you’ve passed away, or you can even get it published if you want.

5. Participate in writing workshops


There are many writing workshops for seniors throughout the United States. Often organized by libraries or public writers, the goal of these workshops is to bring together a small group of seniors and offer them an activity centered around words. There is no need to be particularly literate or to have read many books.

The goal of these workshops will never be to compare the grannies to their literary culture. On the contrary, the watchword will simply be to take pleasure in the activity. For example, they will compose a short poem or a short story, write a TV show review, or participate in word-based games.

You can easily find a writing workshop for seniors by asking at the town hall, at the library, or on the internet. In addition to exercising intellectual abilities and memory, this type of workshop is excellent for socializing. Grannies have so much fun that the conversation often continues at home over tea.

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