Daycare Activities for Your kids’ Learning

As a parent, you care for kids’ welfare a lot and are also concerned about their learning during daycare! Do you agree that play is an essential and easy method for learning among kids? If so, you might also like to learn about the various daycare activities that consolidate your kids’ learning skills listed below.


Sand play

Sand play is a terrific method to improve your kids’ scientific learning through the activities involved, such as digging, shifting, scooping and pouring. It also involves muscles and coordination, thus contributing to your kids’ proper physical development. In addition, your kids enhance their social skills when they do teamwork and share with playmates. Sand play is also key to the development of self-confidence in them!

Water play

Water play is an excellent method used by caregivers to teach kids about the consequences of their actions. Also, this activity gives them good hand-eye coordination and makes them physically strong. Kids also learn about scientific concepts such as volume.


Through activities carried out with play dough, your kids learn fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and enhance their creativity. The use of threads, beads or spaghetti improves the quality of the play. They also get the opportunity to strengthen their fingers for writing. 

Dress-up and Roleplay

During daycare sessions, caregivers provide your children with props such as toy doctor’s kits and clothes. Then, your kids spontaneously use their imaginations to create role plays. For instance, they can act as doctors, vets, nurses, police officers, astronauts, teachers and chefs! The importance of dress-up and role-play is to help your kids to recognize the roles of adults in the world. This game also reinforces your kids’ self-care abilities needed during primary school life. In addition, with character play, your kids learn to express their feelings and enhance their social skills.


Drawing and painting

It is fascinating to watch your kids having fun with paint! The drawing and painting activities allow your children to develop their senses and self-expression skills. Moreover, their drawing and writing skills get a good preparation. They also learn about colours. In addition, you can teach them how to tidy their belongings in a disciplined way.

Blocks, jigsaws, and shape sorters

Do you participate in your kid’s jigsaw puzzle game? There are many advantages attributed to playing with blocks, shape sorters, and jigsaw puzzles. Some are enhanced logical reasoning, spatial thinking, ordering and differentiating between shapes, colours and sizes.

Music, dancing, and singing

Through music, your children form the base of their literacy and mathematical skills. When your kids learn to sing their favourite songs, they also learn different languages. They can also improve their listening skills and become receptive to rhythms. Dancing helps them to become strong, flexible and coordinated!

Imaginative play

Generally, kids are imaginative and create their games on their own! Have you seen how happy and engrossed your kids appear when they are lost in their worlds of imagination? The good news is that imaginative play develops your kids’ creative skills and intellectual reasoning. In addition, the play increases their self-esteem. Imagination is also an excellent way to get rid of boredom! Therefore, you must give your little ones enough time and space to play their make-believe games.daycare

Running, jumping, climbing and swinging.

Children love freedom and are happier when you allow them to move as per their wishes! Therefore, daycare institutions ensure your children are exposed to safe and age-appropriate challenges. Also, activities like running, swinging and climbing help them to boost their self-confidence and become resilient through risk-taking. Furthermore, they get the chance to improve their gross motor skills.

Nature play

Playing in nature helps your kids to become aware of the ecosystem and how it affects them. They also learn to respect animals and the environment. Hence they become more responsible. Moreover, they become healthier and inquisitive about learning more.

Sensory play

Sensory play is any game which involves the senses, that is, touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Your kids will be excited to play with their favourite snacks or other objects of interest. In this way, sensory play stimulates their senses for exploration, which is needed in learning science.

Basic board games

You can teach your little ones turn-taking and sharing while having fun through board games. Your kids also get to learn about shapes, colours and early phonics. In addition, when you become their playmate, you also spend quality time with them!


The cardboard box

Do you remember your unique childhood years when you played with cardboard boxes? Now, it’s time for your kids to invite you to play with them in their cardboard homes, cars or offices! It is a unique way for them to develop their imagination and explore the world.

Did you know that the UN included the right to play as a universal children’s right?

Play ensures your kids’ happiness and reinforces their power of concentration, which is essential for their bright future. Moreover, your kids learn to become responsible and respectful social beings! Not to forget how much improvement play activities cause to their self-worth. Please share your comments below!

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