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4 Steps to Find a Retirement Home

4 Steps to Find a Retirement Home


Step 1: Use your connections

Step 2: Focus on the retiree’s health

Step 3: Stress the urgency of the situation

Step 4: Change departments

Choosing a retirement home is difficult. And once the choice is made, you still need to find a place. Many retirement homes have a waiting list of several dozen names. Here are a few tips to avoid waiting lists in retirement homes.

1. Use your connections

As with all things, if you want to get ahead of a waiting list, using your connections can be effective:

Mentally review everyone around you to see who can help you.

Think broadly: your doctor, a friend who works directly or indirectly for the institution, a local elected official, etc.

For example, include a letter from the attending physician with the application.

2. Focus on the retiree’s health status

To maintain their subsidies, retirement homes need to take in residents who meet several conditions, including those related to their health status. Also, if you or your family member scheduled to enter a nursing home fits this profile, don’t hesitate to put it forward.

To make this work, put yourself on the waiting list of a nursing home that primarily accepts patients with the same level of needs as the future resident.

3. Stress the urgency of the situation

Retirement Home

Some placements are more urgent than others, whether related to the patient’s health condition or the family situation. Again, you can specify this at the time of registration to ensure a favorable placement on the waiting list.

If the person is hospitalized and waiting for a place in a nursing home, contact the hospital’s social worker and work directly with her.

4. Change departments

In some departments, there is no waiting list! This is not because the services are not as good; it is often because the population density is lower. If you are only a few kilometers away and the placement is urgent, you may consider this option.

Good to know: to make matters worse, retirement homes in the country are less expensive than those near significant improvements.

Hope this post and the links below will help you find your way into the dynamic retirement home business. As you may know, this post is incomplete without your comments. Please take a few seconds to share your experience with our readers.

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