How To Relieve Back Pain?

As we grow older, our bones and body start to feel the effect of aging, and this is usually accompanied by back pains which are never a good feeling. At times I feel like I am in the body of an 80 woman even though I’m only in my late 20years. 

Back pain is never fun and can destroy your productivity, and this is where we come in handy. Back pain is caused by a variety of factors such as poor posture, trauma from bumps or sprains, etc. There are different methods to alleviate back pain. Discover them in the following article.

The importance of the back


The back, which is made up of the spine’s components, plays a vital role in the functioning of the human body. From the top of the spine, it includes the 7 cervical vertebrae. These support the head and ensure its mobility. Next are the 12 dorsal vertebrae located in the middle of the spine. Thanks to their location, they protect the spinal cord. Finally, at the bottom are the lumbar vertebrae, which are actively involved in supporting the skull and covering the spinal cord.

It should be noted that the spinal cord is still the continuity of the brain. It is responsible for the transfer of information via the nerves that are shared between the brain and the different parts of the human body. In addition, if the back is a support for the spine, it also actively acts in the mobility and posture of the trunk. We can move the trunk, bend it and maintain the correct posture through the flexibility of the back.

Low back pain is one of the standard back disorders. It is a pain that is usually located in the lower back at the lumbar vertebrae. It can be triggered by twisting, injury, false movement, etc. To treat or avoid intense back pain, it is necessary to provide the appropriate care.

Care adapted to the back.

Strengthening the back


In addition to the vertebrae, the back comprises several muscle groups that stabilize the spine. Therefore, to ensure this functionality, it is necessary to keep these muscles toned. To do this, physical activity is the best solution.

Push-ups, swimming, planking, and barbell rowing are exciting options. These exercises are easy to perform and, in general, inexpensive. They can be done at home or in a gym. Doing these exercises even twice a week will help prevent back pain.

A good diet


Back vitality is also linked to a good diet. So after an intense warm-up, recover lost energy with a balanced diet. Protein sources such as red and white meat, soy, fish, eggs, spirulina, and dairy products are recommended. They help you preserve your back muscles and strengthen their tone.

You should also know that mineral deficiency (magnesium calcium) has a serious impact on health. These nutrients can be found in nuts, almonds, vegetables and fruits, and seafood. They have beneficial effects against muscle fatigue.

Massage for the back


An alternative that is not the least to relieve the back is the massage. The professional will use various massage techniques to overcome back pain. This treatment will relax tense areas, stretch muscles and soothe the pain. The cervical zones are also used during the massage to relax the neck. In addition, essential oils with multiple virtues and a pleasant scent are also used. They have a relaxing and treating effect.

Moreover, massage is both a ritual and a natural remedy that is popular throughout the world. We can mention, for example, the Thai massage, the Swedish massage, or the shiatsu. You can also take advantage of aromatherapeutic treatments such as the spa.

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