Retirement Home

How to Apply for a Retirement Home

How to Apply for a Retirement Home



    – Step 1: Get the nursing home application

    – Step 2: Gather the documents to be included in the application

    – Step 3: Complete the nursing home application

    – Step 4: Send the application to the nursing home

Applications for admission to a retirement home or nursing home are now submitted in a single file. Previously, there were as many files to fill out as applications for different facilities.

To obtain a place in a retirement home, you must now fill out a single application form. Follow our advice on how to fill out an admission file for a retirement home.

1. Get the nursing home application form

The admission file must be completed in one copy and photocopied depending on the number of establishments you wish to apply to.

Tip: visit the establishments before submitting your application.

Good to know: a new model for a single application for temporary or permanent admission has been established by a decree. This simplifies the admission application process: a single file now takes into account, in addition to applications for permanent accommodation, daycare, night care, and temporary accommodation.

2. Gather the documents to be attached to the file

Checklist for Choosing a Retirement Home

You must provide a certain number of supporting documents with the application:

  • photocopy of an identity card and the health insurance card;
  • proof of address (electricity bill, rent, etc.);
  • Proof of income (basic and complementary pension with payment notice; if applicable, agreement for social assistance);
  • last income tax or non-taxation notice;
  • proof of civil liability insurance valid for the retirement home.

Important: A security deposit and the first month’s advance payment are generally required.

3. Complete the nursing home admission form

The application for admission to a retirement home has two parts to be completed:

an administrative section to be filled out by you or by any person authorized to do so, indicating:

  • your civil status and contact information
  • your family situation;
  • the name of a trusted person;
  • the place where you are living at the time of your request;
  • the type of accommodation sought;
  • your means of financing the cost of your stay (personal or social assistance);
  • the desired date of entry.
  • a medical section to be filled out by your doctor.

Important: the medical section allows the establishment’s coordinating physician to issue a medical opinion on the medical capacity of the care. You must submit it in a confidential envelope.

4. Send the admission file to the retirement home

Once the application form has been completed and the documents to be provided have been collected, photocopy the form in as many copies as the number of homes chosen.

You must then send it to the establishments of your choice:

  • either by registered mail with return receipt;
  • or by dropping it off at the school.

Necessary: keep the original of the application.

Depending on the establishment, the waiting lists are more or less long. If an establishment offers you a place, and you are ready to enter the retirement home, you can be admitted quickly.

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Hope you will find a retirement home of your choice. Please remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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